The Berlin Wall: Chapter 6, Part 2 – The FINALE!

And here it is – the last part of The Berlin Wall!  (See previous chapters here.)  At the end I will tell you a little about the real Berlin Wall. **************************************************************** Mama! Papa! Korrie! Joyce!” I shouted. They all looked up with startled faces. Mama was the first to recognize me. “Oh! Greta, Greta darling!” […]

The Berlin Wall: Chapter 6, Part 1

And here it is folks!  The first part of the last part of The Berlin Wall!  (The first part of the last part?!  Eh, you know what I mean.)  Click here for the previous chapters of this story.  I hope you enjoy! ******************************************************************** The ground came up to meet us as we hurtled toward it. The balloon, unable […]

The Berlin Wall: Chapter 3

What did Greta see?  Read on to find out!  You can see the previous chapters here. ******************************************************** It was a huge wall. Not just a wall, but a fierce concrete wall bristling with barbed wire. There were soldiers all along the wall, with faces like cold stone. It was frightening. It looked almost like, like… like we […]

The Berlin Wall: Chapter 2

Here’s the next chapter!  To read the first chapter, click here.  Happy reading! ************************************************************** Maria helped me bring my luggage up to her room. We unrolled my sleeping bag on the floor next to her bed, then sat on it and talked. We talked and talked until Maria’s mother called us for dinner. You would […]

The Berlin Wall, Chapter 1:

I’ve decided to post a story I wrote awhile ago on my blog.  I will post it one chapter at a time, sort of as a serial story. Now, I have to warn you, this is supposed to be a historical-fiction sort of novel, but I think it is a bit exaggerated on a few of the main facts, […]

Berlin Wall: Chapter 5

Ready to read?  Chapter 5 is below, and you can read the other chapters here. ****************************************************************** One night, as I lay in bed, an idea came to me. A crazy idea, it was true, but an idea that could possibly help me escape: the gates in the wall were guarded well, but if I couldn’t […]

The Berlin Wall: Chapter 4

Ready for chapter 4? ***************************************************************** In desperation I moved on to another soldier and asked him, pleaded with him, to let me pass through the gates; I told him that I just wanted to get to my family. It was no use. He just shoved me off and laughed. I didn’t know what to do, […]