Party at the Park

Hello, dears!

A couple of weeks ago, we went to a gorgeous park near where we live to celebrate a friend’s birthday. It was kind of like an arboretum, with elaborate gardens and landscaping, as well as more natural looking areas. Everything was in full bloom and full life and ahh, it was gorgeous! The perfect place for picnicking and exploring.

About half the photos I’m going to show you guys today are nature photos – blossoming trees, waterfalls, etc. The other half is not as beautiful but WAY more amusing photos of my friends jumping rope. And this isn’t your ordinary kind of jump rope, guys. XD XD

Ahem, now that you’re prepared, let’s get to it!

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Cherry Blossoms

A few days ago we walked to my grandma and grandpa’s house to take pictures of their beautiful blooming cherry tree. The blooms are so gorgeous and fluffy! Of course I took bunches of pictures. 😀 Your scrolling finger had better do its warm-ups, because this is gonna be a LOT of pictures! XD

008 (1280x960)
Cherry blossoms illuminated with light. Don’t they look like tissue paper flowers?
012 (1280x960)

011 (1280x960)010

My sister Megan taking pictures… 😀

014 (1280x960)

Aren’t the leaves so neat? The design of their veins is so intricate and delicate!

015 (1280x960)016 (1024x768)

The sky was perfectly blue, which was a stunning background for the cherry blossoms.

018 (1280x960)
I love this picture!

027 (1280x960)026 (1280x960)025 (1280x960)024 (1280x960)023 (1280x960)


029 (1280x960)

Green grass also turned out to be a pretty background. I really like how these pictures turned out!

031 (1280x960)035 (1280x960)033 (1280x960)032 (1280x960)

That last picture looks like the perfect fairy tutu. Can you just picture a little barefoot fairy with long black hair twirling through the grass with a cherry blossom skirt? 🙂

Ahh… cherry blossoms are exquisite! (I need more synonyms for beautiful here, guys. XD )


P. S. If you haven’t seen them yet, go take a gander at my Mystery Pictures. You only have until Tuesday before I reveal the mysteries! Thank you SO much for entering, guys! I think I have the most guesses I ever had before now!