Poetry Books

I’ve been composing poetry since 2018 or so and have self-published three little books so far! If you want a sneak peek of my writing, search “poetry” on my blog sidebar or click here to read a few of my poems. Read on for more details on each of my books.

seeing beyond


My latest book, published in 2021. It’s also my favorite yet! 🙂

The night sky sunflower illustration was my way of conveying the title concept of “seeing beyond.” Poetry gives us the gift of a new perspective, of looking past the outside appearances into the heart of ideas and feelings that are usually hard to describe. There is wonder to be found in even the mundane: dust, sunlight, an old glass bottle, a can of kidney beans. Some of these words are stories about beautiful things, and some of them are about ordinary things seen beautifully. 


tour 17

My second book, published in 2019. 

Let’s be real: no book, least of all mine, can change the world. But the person reading it can. If this book reminds you that there’s still a reason to smile; if it shows you that it’s okay to be sad; if it helps you finally feel understood and not alone; if it opens your eyes a little wider to our boundlessly great Creator; and if it stirs you to go into the world and love people, freely and fiercely; my mission is accomplished.


poem book 2

My first ever book, published in 2018. 

A poem is a flower bud – such a small package, yet it holds so much in every petal, every word. When the outer layer unfurls, the old, familiar scales fall from your eyes, and everything is transformed. Perhaps that is what beauty is: a transformation.

Thanks for reading! Drop a comment below with questions or comments and I’ll do my best to help! (Oh, and one FAQ is, “Where did you publish your books?” The answer is lulu.com! It’s a good site for self-publishing.)



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