The Carpenter’s Son {A Christmas Short Story}

Hello, dears!

I think by now it’s kind of a tradition for me to post a little Christmas retelling around the 25th, right? 😉 (You can read my previous stories here and here.) This time I wrote a short story from Joseph’s point of view. Joseph seems to get overlooked, despite the difficult and important role he played in Jesus’ birth and life, so I wanted to highlight him for once.

Of course, although this is based on one of the greatest true stories in history, I added a lot of details from my imagination, using bits I learned from the sermon last Sunday, the story of Joseph in Matthew 1 + Jesus’ birth in Luke 2, and just general knowledge I have collected from past Christmas story research. 🙂

I hope you enjoy this little story about the incredible miracle:

“Thou who art God beyond all praising, all for love’s sake becamest man; stooping so low, but sinners raising heavenwards by thine eternal plan.”

– “Thou Who Wast Rich Beyond All Splendor
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Adventures in Christmas Tree-ing

Hello, dears!

I’m finally making the annual “Getting Our Christmas Tree” post! This year the experience was… heh, interesting. We kept having troubles with the tree and the decorations and… yeah. This will be a Christmas to remember! :’D At this point it’s a wonder the poor thing is still living (sort of) to tell the tale!

Speaking of which, I should get started with the post now. Once upon a time, there lived an average, unsuspecting evergreen on Christmas tree farm…

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