Birthday Explorations {a Green Truck Ride}

Hello, my friends!

Last week for my birthday, I chose to go on a Green Truck Ride around the farm and it was PERFECT, ahh! “Green truck rides” are kinda a lost tradition in our family. Dad has this vintage, mint-green Chevy truck he built that’s perfect for exploring our land in, but for the past four or five years it’s been out of repair. He finally fixed it up and we got to drive around at golden hour in perfect weather for my 21st birthday! It was an absolutely lovely evening.

Enjoy some happy photos of a delightfully flower-lined path, a soggy dog, and golden hour goodness.

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Field Work at Golden Hour {Hay Baling & Farm Life}

Hello, dears!

It’s baling season right now, so my dad and brothers are out pretty much nonstop during the day, cutting and baling and putting away the hay and straw we will sell later. Despite all the nature pictures I take, I don’t often make a post about field work or farm life like this for some reason. So I hope you enjoy today’s photoshoots!

Harvesting is one of the most interesting parts of farm work to watch, I think, and it’s also one of the most beautiful to photograph… particularly when you’re taking pictures during golden hour. 😉 Enjoy some peaceful fields, sunrays, and a little bit of farm trivia! 😀 Let’s do this.

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