A Goldendoodle Puppy Photoshoot

Hello friends!

Be warned: EXTREME CUTENESS AHEAD. You will probably want a puppy after reading this post. 😛 We visited my aunt’s house recently to see her litter of ten adorable goldendoodle puppies and happily I had my camera along with me. They were about four weeks old when I took these pictures I believe and OH MY, so sweet! They were super soft and cuddly and sleepy.

Enjoy some day-brightening photos!

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Etcetera #11

Hello, dears!

Yikes. I haven’t done an “etcetera” post in three months – my computer is about to burst with random photos! I went through these again and again and eventually couldn’t bear to narrow them down anymore, so prepare for the biggest photo dump I’ve posted on here in a while. O.o This may require a cup of hot something or a snack, if you’re that kind of person. 😉

Anyway, I’m rather excited about this mish-mashed collection of cute pups, jelly beans, self portraits, foggy photography, tangled plants, adventures, and aesthetic pictures. 🙂 I’ll keep my captions to a minimum so you can just scroll and enjoy.

(Also happy Valentine’s day; I almost forgot. XD) Let’s do this!

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