Photos from of Old: Entry 3

About time for another one of these, eh? These photos were taken in the summer of 2013.

First some snail pictures… (I remember I was pretty proud of these when I took them. XD And I still like them!)

2013-07-04 Allison 218 (1280x960)2013-07-04 Allison 214 (1280x960)

Now some flowers…

2013-06-09-Allison 007 (1280x960)
2013-07-04 Allison 027 (1280x960)
Tiger Lily

I took this picture one night when after a family walk. Isn’t it adorable? (All of these next few pictures are edits of the original.)

edited carmen in the middle 1.jpg
My dad, my littlest sister Carmen, and my mom. 😀
carmen in the middle (1280x960)
It looks cute in B&W too. 🙂
edited carmen in the middle 2
Carmen is a rainbow!

I requested my siblings to pose for this one; I think I meant it to look similar to the last photo. They look so cute and tiny (well, younger at least XD) in this photo!

2013-07-04 Allison 107 (1280x960)
Megan, Carmen, and Jeff. Just look at Carmen’s little curly head!

An edited clouds-over-field photo…

2013-07-04 Allison 079 (1280x419)

And lastly, two miscellaneous nature photos: a mushroom and bedewed leaf.


2013-07-04 Allison 174 (1280x960)2013-07-04 Allison 189 (1280x960)

Thanks for time-traveling with me!


P. S. Recently my littlest sister Carmen has been determined to learn how to fly. XD XD XD She asks Mom if it’s possible for people to fly, and Mom explains that God just didn’t make humans to able to fly. But she thinks that maybe she’ll be the first person ever to do it! XD XD XD It cracks me up! But it’s adorable too. 😀 Hey, we all wish we could fly, right? One can always dream…

P. P. S. I have 111 followers! Besides the fact that that’s amazing, and “Thank you so much guys,” (but seriously – THANK YOU!), isn’t 111 such a fun number?! XD