Hay Days

Hello, dears!

By the time May rolls around, the orchard grass and fescue are getting tall and ripe in the hayfields, ready for the first harvest of the season. I took these photos of my dad and brother baling a field a little while ago, and thought you guys might like to see some behind-the-scenes (and some picturesque farm landscapes 😛 )! I don’t usually photograph tractors or machinery that much, but it was fun for different. 🙂


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Fields & Fences {Sister’s Photoshoot}

Hello, dears!

A couple of weeks ago, I did a senior photoshoot for a friend of a friend’s son (well THAT was confusing), and practiced the day before with this little mini shoot of my youngest sister. 😀 Some of these poses worked better for a senior guy than a little girl, obviously, but she was the only volunteer, so I just went with it anyway. XD

Even though I didn’t use all the poses and locations in the real shoot, we had a lot of fun walking around the farm at golden hour and taking a bunch of photos. I hope you enjoy a sampling of the result!

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Cousin Photoshoots at Golden Hour

Hello, dears!

Is it a bit dismal outside where you live too? This winter has been pretty warm for us, but SO cloudy and rainy. :/ If you’re in need of some sunlight, I have just the post for you! 😀

I took these two sets of pictures with my Canadian cousins way back in October, at the 50th anniversary celebration, and just haven’t gotten around to posting this second part till now – oops! I LOVE both photoshoots, though, and I hope you guys will too!

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Summer Barn Dance

featured image 18

Hello, dears!

Just a few weeks ago, we had the privilege of hosting a barn dance in celebration of our friend Sam’s (Samantha’s) birthday! It took a while to prepare for, but we all absolutely LOVED the dance. 😀 It was the first one our family had been to.

Sam wanted Megan and I to take some pictures, and of course we happily obliged. 😉 Today I’m going to show you a few of my favorite photos, from decorations to dancing. Enjoy!

I got to help with the decorating, which was super fun. 🙂 At first we tried hanging streamers from the loft, but it was too damp and humid and they just sort of hung there limply. So we took them down. But while we were hanging them we found this gorgeous moth! Isn’t it striking?


Don’t these blue gingham tablecloths go perfectly with the barn dance/birthday/picnic atmosphere?

dance 8

Our magnolia tree is blooming, so Megan suggested we use some of the flowers for the table. I’m so glad we did, because I had no idea they’d be this beautiful! And they smell amazing.


Unfortunately they are rather prone to closing up into buds, but they’re still pretty that way too. 🙂

dance 21

We also had bouquets of ferns from our woods, chamomile daisies from our pastures, and larger daisies that Sam brought, which they had dyed blue with food coloring! 😀

dance 22

I enjoyed making “place cards” for the food, even if I didn’t get around to labeling everything. 😉

dance 23

Sam brought these lovely stamped paper fans (because boy was it hot that day!).

dance 3

She also brought a bunch of paper medallions and some balloons to hang from the loft. They looked so pretty!

dance 4

They set the speakers and such on haybales, which made it seem more like a barn dance. 😀

dance 20

Hee hee, I quite like this picture of Sam’s sister Jesse.  😀

dance 24

And this one of Sam. 🙂

dance 5

Oh, and it was so funny – Sam and I wore almost the EXACT same outfit! Identical shirts and only a tiny bit different skirts. XD She was going to do my hair to match hers too, but we ran out of time, so it kind of looks like an octopus in these pictures. O.o Next time I shall remember to put it back before the dance. XD

dance 1.2

Megan took the picture before and this picture from the loft. Aren’t they so neat?

dance 2.2

Okay, now we’re finally ready for the barn dance part! One of the ladies from church was the “caller,” who patiently instructed all the dozens of people in how to do each dance. We learned the dance slowly first, without music, and then did it once or twice with music before learning a new dance.

dance 6

For each dance, we lined (or circled) up in the middle of the shop floor and usually did a short sequence of steps that ended in being whirled off to the next partner, where you repeated the process until the music stopped.

dance 12

We learned quite a few dances including the Virginia Reel, the Caroline Promenade, the Spanish Waltz, the Basket Weave, the Snowball Reel, the Patty-Cake Polka, the Posties’ Jig, and one or two more which I don’t remember the names of.

dance 15

I think my favorites were the Basket Weave and the Spanish Waltz, although they were all fun.

dance 16

I didn’t get pictures of the Posties’ Jig, but HA HA WOW. It was a 10-years-and-up dance for good reason: it had a lot of steps. Our group kind of epically failed at it since we got so mixed up and confused, but it was HILARIOUS. We laughed at ourselves so much. XD

dance 13

My brother Logan was my partner for a couple of the dances, which was nice because our heights are a good match. 😀

dance 17

One thing I really like about barn dancing is how changeable it is. You don’t stay with one partner for long, which adds to the excitement (and confusion, but XD). It’s also very fast-paced, which makes it feel like a game.

dance 11

And I think it’s great that whole families, even younger kids, can participate in most of the dances.

dance 9

I’m so glad Sam chose to have a barn dance for her party, and that we got to come. 🙂 Hopefully we can do one again soon!

dance 18.1

So there you have it! At the end of the dance I was EXTREMELY hot and sweaty, and my feet were so sore from going barefoot on concrete for a whole day that I could hardly walk, but it was definitely worth it. XD XD Next time I shall 1) put my hair up and 2) wear shoes. *nods*

Have you ever been to a barn dance? What dance is your favorite (the Virginia Reel, Spanish Waltz, etc.)? Do you have a favorite picture?

Thanks so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!