Inktober 2020 Sketchbook Tour

Hello, dears!

It’s time for another Inktober flip-through! If you’re not familiar with Inktober, the original idea is an art challenge where you make an ink drawing every day for the whole month, using prompts from an official list. See my last Inktober post here.

And that’s what I did! Today I’ll be showing you my 31 ink drawings/paintings in my toned paper sketchbook. I experimented with different styles and techniques and made some art I’m proud of and some I could have done better on… 😛

Ready to see it? Let’s go!

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The Art Lab, Episode 62: Inktober 2018

Hello, dears!

Welcome back to another Art Lab post! Today I’m going to be showing you my drawings for Inktober 2018. Inktober is a challenge to draw one pen or ink drawing each day for the month of October. You’re supposed to follow the “official prompts” which I’ll show you in a bit, and then share your art with others.

I’ve never done this challenge before, although I’d heard of it, but one of my lovely readers asked if I was doing it, so I decided to try it! I’m glad I did. 😀 Even though I didn’t strictly follow the rules (it was close to the middle of October before I had time to start), I did use all the prompts and drew something every day when possible. 🙂 Continue reading