The View from the Roof

I’m back! 😀 We just got back from our vacation and it feels so good to be home. (And now I can blog again, hehe.) We had many fun times and some rather not so fun times, but I haven’t sorted all my pictures yet, so a vacation post will have to wait.

Until then, this Life on the Farm post should hold you over. 😛

Before our vacation our friends came over and we traipsed around on a big barn roof with them. It was lots of fun! The view was great from up there. There’s also this one shiny part of the roof that’s good for sliding on, so we did that a lot, then for some reason everyone started yodeling at the cows (don’t ask me why!). We played some board games on the roof as the sun set, then made the slightly scary descent down and went back home. *Happy sigh* Fun times.

The view from the roof:

The clouds were really neat that day.
Isn’t that beautiful? The corn is so lush – it’s way taller now than when I took this picture.


Ahem. Sorry about the intruding manure pit on the right. XD



Roof sliding:



Yodeling at the cows…


And now for the silhouettes, which I edited with PicMonkey for maximum silhouette-ness.


I love these next two of my sister!


 I love this one too!



And this next one has to be my absolute favorite. Thank you, friends and siblings for cooperating with me on this one. 😉 I might even enter it in the fair! What do you think?


Which picture was your favorite? Does climbing on barn roofs sound fun to you or not?


P. S. Oh. My. Goodness. I HAVE 626 FOLLOWERS. SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!! I’m so happpppyyyyyyyy! That is like… impossible. Right? Yes it is… no it isn’t! Oh my goodness I can’t even believe it! I wouldn’t have nearly this many if my fairy house post hadn’t been featured on Discover, but it was, and I am so thankful. I’m SUPER astounded that this even happened! I mean, why choose me out of so many wonderful bloggers? Thank you, Lord, for giving me this wonderful, exciting opportunity, and help me to use it to your glory. ♥

P. P. S. Okay, this may be a little anti-climatic after all that, but Loren, it’s your turn for WordCrafters. I simply cannot wait to read the chapter you cook up – I know it’s gonna be great!