Forest Portraits & Sunflower Fields

Hello, my friends!

This post is going to be kinda weird. I have two completely different photoshoots for you guys today: a collection of self-portraits I took back in January on a foggy/cloudy day, and a cheerful, summery set of sunflower photos left over from this sisters photoshoot. I love them both and I’m excited to finally share them together since they’re almost too small to post individually.

Enjoy some out-of-season photos! 😀

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Sunflower Field Sisters Photoshoot

Hello, dears!

Ahh, I love how these photos turned out! Megan and I have been planning this photoshoot ever since Dad first mentioned planting sunflowers months ago. Because, of course, aren’t sunflower fields for taking pictures in? Heh, no, he planted them as a crop for the doves or, more to the point, the dove-hunters. 😉

But this field did make for a marvelous photo location. As always, I took the pictures of Megan, and she took the ones of me. Ready for some sunny pictures?

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