In Which I Attempt to Take Pretty Pictures of Dead Weeds

Hello friends!

You know how winter is so brown and gray and dead-looking that it gets kinda sad after a while? Well, I decided to challenge myself to find beauty in that by photographing a bunch of dried weeds, hehe. It was honestly fascinating to notice the structure and form of old growth – the bones holding up last year’s color, as it were.

This was a fun experiment and I hope you guys enjoy the result!

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Q&A – Sully and Allison

Hello, friends!

This post was so fun to make! Sully came over and we sat on the couch, ate jellybeans, and took turns typing out our answers. Well, we collaborated on some until Sully wrote something weird and I was like WAIT WHAT I DO NOT APPROVE TAKE MY INITIAL OFF. :’D Ohhh, Sully. *shakes head*

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy reading our answers to your questions as much as we enjoyed answering them! Also it snowed six inches recently and I got a bunch of pretty pictures to include here. So yeah, I’m excited for this post! Let’s get started!

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