Who Am I? A Spring Poem

This is a mystery poem I made up yesterday.  After each stanza, take a guess at what the poem is about, and see how your first guesses compare to your last guess.


A roundish package, lily-white

Lies buried in the darkest night.

Above, a glowing warmth sends rays

Of light that dance and skip and play.


A grayness gathers in the blue.

It bursts and pierces the air through

With drops of glass and noisy wind.

And then the gray is blue again.


The silent package starts to shift,

It cracks it splits, it moves a bit.

From one end grows one tiny thread,

Then many race to stretch ahead.


A new, green dagger thrusts itself

Above the dark, and looks about.

It sees, around it, other spears

That it must conquer, far or near.


The dagger wages war for food

For light, for water, and land too.

It wins the battle, takes the floor

And earns what it was fighting for.


And now, more daggers, soft and green

Poke up their heads around their queen.

The daggers grow as straight as boards

And lengthen out to narrow swords.


A slender, green and stately pole

Emerges from a darkened hole.

The pole starts swelling at its tip,

And yellows as it grows a bit.


The swelling end begins to split

And sunshine shows from deep within.

The sunshine spreads and spreads until

Sweet golden trumpets fill the hills.


They trumpet loud their welcome song:

“Spring’s here at last! Cold Winter’s gone!

Warmth and light, new life is stirring,

Come one and all, come sing of Spring!”


Did you figure out what the poem is about? I’ll give you a hint: it’s a certain kind of flower.  Wait for it…. Yep!  A daffodil!  I hope to see some daffodils soon!  Do you have any daffodils or other flowers blooming at your house?



4 thoughts on “Who Am I? A Spring Poem

  1. Great poem, Allison! I remember all the daffodils that grow on the woodsy slopes at your cousins’ place. We have things growing indoors at our house. We have sprouted wheat in a container, it’s so fun to watch it grow by the hour! We will have to “mow” it soon and feed it to the bunnies!


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