Fried Bananas & Chocolate Pudding – Yum!

I know it may sound a little weird, but you can actually fry bananas!  (And yes, they are delicious.)  You can find the recipe here, but here are a few things I did differently:

1.  I used a griddle instead of a skillet which makes the bananas easier to flip.  (That was actually my mom’s idea!)

2.  I used coconut oil instead of pan spray.

3.  I served them with homemade chocolate pudding! (recipe here)  This pudding recipe is also delicious. It says to make it in the microwave, but I have also made it on the stove and it worked just fine.

-Allison (crochet lesson 2) 029

-Allison (crochet lesson 2) 032

-Allison (crochet lesson 2) 037

-Allison (crochet lesson 2) 038

Happy cooking!



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