Samantha & Graham {Wedding Photography}

Hello friends!

Get ready for a lovely and very long post full of pretty photos from the wedding of two of my dear friends. I got to be Sam and Graham’s wedding photographer (ah!) and although it was kind of exhausting, I had a ton of fun and I’m really pleased with the photos we got. If you don’t know Sam and Graham yet, check out their engagement photoshoot first to see and hear a bit more about them.

Now, enjoy some wedding photography goodness!

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Heidi & Shayne {Wedding Photography!}

Hello, my friends!

Back in May, I had the privilege of second-shooting a friend’s wedding! This was my first time photographing a wedding and phew, it was a lot. I couldn’t have asked for a better couple than Heidi and Shayne for my first time, though. Their sweet spirits, Christ-like love, and laid-back demeanors shone strong the entire day despite the excitement and stress I’m sure they were dealing with.

I feel like I should say, “Heidi and Shayne, enjoy some of my favorites from your special day!” But this isn’t a wedding blog, so… I guess whoever’s reading this, enjoy some pictures of my friends getting married! This post features the sweetest couple, a plastic bug, a mysterious water bottle, a vintage car, and some of my favorite pictures I’ve ever taken.

Ready? Set? Go!

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Aria’s Wedding! {Lots of Pictures :)}

Hello, dears!

AHHHH. As you can imagine, I am so, SO excited to be making this post! EEEP. For those of you who don’t know, I recently had the privilege to be in my best friend’s wedding with my sister Megan and oh my goodness, it was amazing, despite all the changes COVID19 made.

This was the first time I’ve been in a wedding, not to mention been a maid-of-honor, and it was a wonderful experience. I enjoyed spending time with the rest of the wedding party and seeing all the beautiful decorations and just the general excitement of it all, although MAN did it make us all exhausted.

I hope you guys enjoy this little “travel journal” post of flowers, dresses, spiders, cameras, friends, hymnals, steamers, and the best memories. Have fun scrolling through the weekend! πŸ™‚

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Adventures in Christmasing, 2019

Hello, dears!

My, it feels like a while since my last post. I like the new schedule. πŸ˜› I’m also quite happy to be back and showing you guys some of the MANY photos I took over the past holidays.

We’re gonna cover weird cats, cute dogs, cute little humans, a pretty moon… actually most of these photos don’t look Christmasy at all; I just happened to take them at one of our four Christmas celebrations. πŸ˜‰ Enjoy this collection of random bits of joy!

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A Collection of Fall Portraits

Hello, dears!

I just spent a lovely weekend at a women’s retreat with my church! And now that I have internet again, I’m back with some snippets of various fall photoshoots I’ve done in the past month or so. πŸ™‚

Also, I’m also planning an exciting post coming up this Friday (which may or may not involve a giveaway πŸ˜‰ ), so stay tuned for that!

Ahem. But now, let’s get into those photos…

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Double Exposure + Experimenting with Self Portraits

Hello, dears!

I had so much fun making this post and editing the pictures for today! A few weeks ago, I spent a while practicing self portrait photography because I found a spot of beautiful lighting in our house and wanted to use it somehow. πŸ˜› I went a little overboard with the editing, ending up with some pretty and unique double exposures and black and white photos.

I hope you enjoy these experiments, and maybe get some inspiration for creative ways to edit portraits (your own or of others)!

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