Bubbles, Selfies, and Strange Goings-On

Hello, dears!

I was originally going to post a “Moving On” episode, but I’ve been doing a lot of complicated, less lifestyle-ish posts lately and I felt in the mood for a good ol’ photography post – one of my favorite kinds to read AND write. ūüôā So I’ll save the moving post for a later date, and hopefully you enjoy these various portrait photoshoots in the meantime! ūüėÄ


One day when the sun was setting and it was lovely and golden outside, I asked my littlest sister Carmen if she wanted to do a bubble photoshoot with me. She agreed somewhat reluctantly, but started having fun once we commenced, as usual. XD


It was fun, but VERY difficult. The hardest part was getting the bubbles in focus. I could have used a higher f-stop, but I wanted the nice blurred background and… anyway, these are only a fraction of the photos I actually took. XD


Another difficulty was that the bubble wand handle was broken and we kept having to fish the rest of it out with a, um, small scissors. Why didn’t we use a tweezers? You know, I’m not really sure. XD Maybe we couldn’t find it, I forget. Anyway, it worked… sort of. ūüėõ

I can’t believe I got a picture of a bubble popping! I wasn’t even trying, which is probably how I got it. XD



After Carmen got too cold and went in, I attempted to take pictures of just bubbles by myself. IT WAS EXTRAORDINARILY HARD. The wind always blew the wrong way at the wrong time,¬†just as I clicked the button, of course. *sigh* Oh well, out of perhaps at least a hundred, I DID get a few good ones. Two, in fact. *weak smile* I do love the color, though! (They aren’t edited.)



Guys, I practically NEVER take selfies (although I do use the self-timer occasionally). Why? Probably mostly because it’s such a¬† stereotypical teenager thing to do, and thus I don’t (XD). Anyway, the other day I found a charming patch of speedwell, a weed with adorable tiny blue flowers, and decided hey, why not. ūüėõ

Oooops, didn’t exactly point my camera at the right spot… but it works! XD



portrait one

An edited one just for fun…


Hee hee. XD This might be my favorite.


Strange Goings-On

My sister Megan and her friend MacRae do very strange things together. Trust me on this – VERY strange. Like taking rocks for a walk or racing earthworms. I don’t know if Megan wants me to tell the reason behind these pictures yet or not, so for now let’s just say it’s another of their interesting ideas which they wanted me to photograph. Heh.

That blob of fur in MacRae’s lap is my rabbit Willow. XD

this is a secret message

BAHAHA, poor Willow is a little alarmed at their antics…

you found the secret message!

GOOD JOB, WILLOW. Escape is obviously the best option here. I don’t know what Megan’s doing here… contemplating the taste of a spoonful of mayonnaise? XD


And then Willow, who was obviously the star of the show, got some headshots…


What do you say, does Willow look good in a mustache? True, she kind of already has one… XD


Since you never really saw her eyes, I had to include one last one so you can tell that she is actually a living creature. Hee hee.


And that’s it for today! I have another sisters photoshoot but it’s pretty long, so I’ll save it for its own post. ūüôā I hope you enjoyed these! Which was your favorite photoshoot, and which was your favorite picture? Do you feel sorry for Willow? XD


P. S. Speaking of bunnies, I have some sad news… Diamond and Lily are gone. ūüė¶ Lily was got really sick so we had to put her down, and I don’t know what happened to Diamond – maybe she just died of old age or something. *sad sigh* I’m really glad we still have the other four bunnies, though, and hopefully we can have baby bunnies again soon! But… RIP Lily and Diamond. ūüė¶


Photography Prompt #2

Hey, guys! Clara alerted me to the very important fact that this is National Photography Day. Of course I had to do something for such a day. So instead of a planned recipe post (which I think you’re going to like, girls and book lovers), I’m going to do a photography prompt to get your creative juices flowing. If you have a camera, this is the day to use it! XD

Photography Prompt 2

Here is that bubble picture that I’ve put on my blog I-don’t-know-how-many-times. XD

bubbles (1280x960)
Look at these reflections! I’ve never quite figured out what¬†the reflections were…
-Allison(pond, geese) 014.JPG
I was so excited when I got this almost-perfect reflection of a Canadian goose at our pond.



Rural Rockingham (1280x960)
Water is a really fun reflective thing. Especially mountain lakes, or ponds at sunset.


2014-8-4-Allison 041 (1280x960).jpg
This is a picture of my Dad’s eye. You can see the reflection of¬†my camera lens and finger poised to click the button. You can even see the scene from our window! (I think there’s the cornfield and¬†the leaves¬†of a walnut tree.)


-Allison(garden game) 045 (1280x960)
I just took this one recently. You can see a distorted reflection of our house and me sitting awkwardly on the steps holding the sprinkler between my knees. XD
mallory 3 (1280x960)
I really love this one! I took this picture of my friend on our Amelia Island vacation. I edited it (if you haven’t noticed) to make her hair and the reflection in the sunglasses stand out.


Which was your favorite reflections photo? Are you going to “celebrate” National Photography Day? Do you think you’ll use this prompt?


P. S. The baby bunnies are one week old! They are also THE CUTEST THINGS THAT EVER LIVED OH MY GOODNESS HELP! Don’t worry, I’ve been taking lots of pictures. ūüėČ

P. P. S. You only have two days left to do the garden guessing game!

One Spring Evening…

We went over to our friends’ house last Sunday, and I took my camera along. ūüėČ

They just got an adorable Miniature Schnauzer puppy named Snoopy. GAAH! He’s so cute!

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 032 (1280x960)
I think he blinked. XD

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 036 (1280x960)


I also got the best moon pictures I have ever taken. XD It really helped that it was still light when I took the pictures.

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 052 (1280x960)

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 054 (1280x960)
Look! You can even kind of see craters!

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 055 (1280x960)


I edited this picture of their neighborhood on my camera with the “Miniature Effect” setting. I really like how it turned out! It almost looks like a fall evening instead of a spring one.

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 064 (1280x960)

My friend¬†kindly¬†let me take some pictures of her. ūüôā ‚ô•¬†The first picture is not edited, but the rest are. (The third picture I actually took last summer.)

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 041 (1280x960)

mallory's eye

mallory 3.jpg

I¬†had so much fun¬†editing the pictures. ūüôā¬†Hmm… maybe I should do some PicMonkey tutorials! What do you think?

Little friends.¬†ūüôā ‚ô•

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 058 (1280x960)-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 061 (1280x960)

My friend’s little sister blowing bubbles:

-Allison(Mallory, dandelions, frog) 070 (1280x960)It was fun to get some people-pictures which I don’t¬†normally do.¬†Which picture was your favorite?

Have a nice, warm, spring day!


P. S. Do you like my new profile picture?

2015, Award, News + Lots of Photos!

Happy New Year! Okay, get ready for a long post, because today I will be reviewing my 2015 bloggy year, doing an award, and telling you one of my New Year’s resolutions. Ready? First up, my blog year – it was a great year, and a HUGE year, at least compared to last year. Taking into account the fact that I only blogged 7 months last year instead of 12 this year, still, the stats increased¬†A LOT. And thanks to all of you, I now have¬†almost 60¬†followers! SQUEEEE! ūüėÄ ūüėÄ Here are the yearly stats for this year and last year:

And here is the little WordPress year in review thingy they sent me:

Here’s an excerpt:

A San Francisco cable car holds 60 people. This blog was viewed about 3,500 times in 2015. If it were a cable car, it would take about 58 trips to carry that many people.

Click here to see the complete report.

Now for the award. I don’t usually do awards, but I decided to do this one because it wasn’t just random questions, and I thought it was interesting to see when other people did this. So… I was nominated by Genna and Mercer Creative. Thank you so much!


1. Thank the person that nominated you
2. Start a blog post and answer the questions below
3. Add 1-3 of your Favorite\Best blog photos
4. Nominate up to ten people

1. How long have you had a blog?
I started this blog¬†in May of 2014, so I’ve had it for about a year and a¬†half.

2. Why did you start blogging?
I kind of forget, but I think it was probably because my sister started with her school program, and it made me want to start a blog too.

3. Do you like photography?
I love photography! ūüėÄ

4. Did you start your blog on your own?
Yep. Well, my sister and mom helped me.

5. Why do you like these photos so much?
It was kind of hard to choose just 3 of my favorites, so since it’s a review of 2015 anyway, I’m just going to do some of my favorite photo pictures and posts from 2015. XD

I think one of my all time favorite posts was this dandelion post. Here’s a picture from it:

-Allison (spring flowers) 014

I just love how crystal clear and beautiful the pictures turned out. I also love this Lily (The Flower) post РI love dewdrops!

-Allison (bunnies dressed up) 063

A few of my favorite bunny posts are this funny bunny post, these two Lily (the rabbit) posts here and here,

-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 003

and this Christmas post from the bunnies. Because they are just so CUTE!

Bunny Christmas

My favorite other pet post might be this Joy the kitten post. I like the angle of this photo, and Joy was just adorable!

-Allison(Joy) 007

Here are some other pictures I really like that I took in 2015, and a few from 2014, which are captioned “2014.”

Allison(frost, bunnies, ATCs) 049 (1280x960)

-Allison(Willow on the deck, Labor Day) 013


-Allison(Joy) 007

-Allison(Dewdrops, crayfish cleaning) 010




-Allison(Megan's B-day Party) 037

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 004


2014-8-4-Allison 041
Trip -- Allison 107



-Allison (Tassel doll) 029

-Allison(sunset) 005




-Allison (close-ups) 004

-Allison(walk, arboretum, Lily) 010

-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 003



Whew! That was a lot of pictures! I nominate Hayley from Flourishing By Restful Falls for the award.

OK. Now for one of my New Years’ Resolution (the news part of the title).¬†I want to start an Etsy shop! I’m going to be selling things I make online there, including polymer clay animals and other polymer clay things, and maybe stuffed animals like this one. But I need more ideas! I would greatly appreciate any suggestions with what you would like me to make that you would buy. If you need some ideas from what I’ve already made, click on the category “My Creations” on my category cloud on my blog sidebar. Thank you!

So, that’s it! Thanks so much for a great bloggy year, readers!



P. S. See you next year!

Of Bubbles and Beaches

¬†We just got back from our¬†vacation¬†to Rhode Island!¬† It was a lot of¬†fun.¬† I didn’t get all that many pictures though, because my camera stopped working about halfway through the trip. ūüė¶¬† Anyway, I’ll just post about part of the trip, and my sister¬†Megan will probably post about the rest. (You can find her blog here at¬†dandelionsanddaisys.wordpress.com.)¬† I will¬†post about (as you might have guessed from the title)¬†the beach and… bubbles!¬†¬†Our grandmother gave¬†us¬†kids each a thing of bubbles for our trip, and we had fun blowing them. (Thanks, Gram!)

First, a little bit about the part of Rhode Island we saw.¬† The houses were almost all tidy and pretty, and a lot of them had flowerbeds.¬† There were these gorgeous¬†blue hydrangeas everywhere!¬† We¬†even saw a shop called… The Blue¬†Hydrangea!¬† We saw a lot of little stone walls there too- some¬†were just stones stacked on top of each other.¬† There were also a lot of beaches.¬†¬†

While¬†we were there,¬†we went looking¬†in several neat shops.¬† We got an ornament for our¬†Christmas tree, and the kids each got a souvenier of¬†Rhode Island.¬† And, among other things, we¬†toured a gorgeous¬†mansion, went on a boat ride, and¬†had s’mores (of course)


Now for the beach!¬†¬† The waves at the beach were really big, but you can’t really tell from the pictures.¬† There weren’t many shells, but there were lots of different kinds of seaweed.¬† You can see it on the sand two pictures below.¬† The picture¬†on the sand is a¬†little weird, but its the only one I have of the¬†sand.¬† I wish I¬†got a picture of this¬†big¬†sandcastle and the wall that we built to protect it from the waves.¬†¬†The wall was¬†more impressive¬†than the sandcastle!¬† It protected the castle for a pretty long time,¬†but then a huge wave kind of¬†destroyed the wall and the castle.¬†¬†

The water was really cold, but not as cold as the Maine water we went in another year- that was FREEZING! 

2014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 0272014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 024 2014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 026And now for the bubbles.  They were so colorful and pretty, I just had to take a picture of them.  (My brother Logan is acting as the model.)

2014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 0282014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 030

I just had to put this last picture in for my Aunt Andrea. ūüėȬ† I think this was a restaurant or something.

2014-7-14-Allison(rhode island) 023

Thanks for reading!