Double Exposure Portrait Photography

Hello friends!

If you’ve been following me for a while, you might remember my previous experiments with double-exposure photography here. Double exposure refers to the concept of taking two pictures and merging them. It’s often done for portraits especially, to tell a story or just add an artistic flare.

I’ve been meaning to try it again ever since the aforementioned post and I finally got around to making some more creative portraits. Enjoy some artistic (or maybe just weird) photography experimentation! 🙂

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Double Exposure + Experimenting with Self Portraits

Hello, dears!

I had so much fun making this post and editing the pictures for today! A few weeks ago, I spent a while practicing self portrait photography because I found a spot of beautiful lighting in our house and wanted to use it somehow. 😛 I went a little overboard with the editing, ending up with some pretty and unique double exposures and black and white photos.

I hope you enjoy these experiments, and maybe get some inspiration for creative ways to edit portraits (your own or of others)!

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