{Weathered Wood}

Hello, dears!

So, remember the old shed in this post? Well, I took a bunch more pictures of it and decided to post them today. All these photos will be in black and white because I thought it fit with with the age and structure of the subject, but don’t worry – it was foggy and dreary, so you’re not missing much color. 😉

Ready to explore with me?

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~Make Your Own Sunshine~

Hello, dears!

The other day, I asked my sister if she wanted to do a photoshoot together, but she thought it would be best to wait till it was sunny instead of foggy. I thought, “Oh well, I guess I’ll have to make my own sunshine.” 🙂 So I gathered up my camera and tripod and spent a couple of hours taking “selfies.” HAHA! It was really fun, although extremely difficult sometimes to get a clear picture with the self-timer.

I also discovered that it’s hard to give a real smile when you’re just staring at a camera and not a person. And that I really don’t know what to do with my hands when I’m posing. :[] Despite my un-photogenicness, I hope you enjoy seeing the poses and locations and editing techniques like I do when I browse other people’s photoshoots! 🙂 Continue reading