A Sunny Winter Walk in the Woods

Hello, friends!

Today I want to take you on a virtual walk through the forest with me. ❤ I found so many odd trees, lovely ferns, and pretty creeks on my little hike the other day. I haven’t traipsed around our farm like this by myself for quite a while, so it was really fun and refreshing to soak in a warm February day and take photos of the interesting bits of nature I discovered.

Enjoy this sunny winter photoshoot!

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I Got a New Camera! {Forest Photoshoot}

Hello, my friends!

My friend Aria recently sent me her Nikon D7200 camera because she couldn’t sell it and also because she’s amazing. 😀 I haven’t upgraded my camera in five years (see my… interesting first photos with it here), so I was thrilled that Aria kinda forced me to get a new camera. Otherwise I’d probably go on using my old, comfortable Nikon D3400 forever.

Anyway, I tried it out and definitely noticed an improvement in the quality, clarity, and focus of these photos. I’m curious to see if you guys notice too or if it’s just me as the photographer. Let’s find out!

Enjoy these lush photos from a late-summer walk and some Maggie-the-yellow-Lab-cuteness!

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A Forest Photoshoot

Hello, dears!

I know it’s fall now and everyone’s looking for oranges and reds, but I wanted to quick sneak in some green photos before we get too much further into the season. 😉 I took these a couple weeks ago when the light started taking on that golden fall look but the woods were still lush and green. I had so much fun editing these vibrant pictures – hope you enjoy them!

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Misty Waters

Hello, dears!

We have this charming little stream on our property that for some reason I’d only explored one side of til recently. But when I did, I found it was even more beautiful than what I’d seen before, if possible!

Shortly after I explored it the first time, a foggy day came by and, imagining how beautiful the stream would look in the mist, I took my camera back down and ended up with some lovely, foggy pictures that I can’t wait to show you guys! Would you like to come explore the stream with me?

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