How to Bring More Traffic to Your Online Business

Hello, dears!

HOORAY, I’m so excited to present a small-business collab with several of my blogger friends! Aria and I have wanted to post business/entrepreneur tips for a while, and we’ve finally made it happen with the help of Megan, Hannah, and Clara! (Check the end of this post for links to their posts as well as some lovely coupons. ) We’re not experts or anything, but we all own small businesses and want to help you start or improve yours with some tips we’ve learned along the way. 🙂

Today I’m going to introduce SEO and talk about long tail keywords, a tactic that has really helped me personally. I’ll also touch on advertising and generally how to get more traffic to your shop. If you’re a beginner – I promise I’ll do my best to keep things clear and concise, and I’ll also give you links to articles and posts where you can learn more if you want.

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