Photographing My Yard

Hello friends!

I don’t have quite the same photo opportunities now that I live in the town rather than on a farm – no fields surrounding my house or woods and creeks to explore nearby. But if you’ve been following me for a while, you know I’m a firm believer that you can find beauty anywhere. So the other day I decided to take some pictures in my little yard after a rain shower to see if I could capture some pretty nature in our corner of the neighborhood.

Enjoy these peaceful pictures!

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Green & Glowing Things {a Springy Photoshoot}

Hello, my friends!

Spring is out in full force here and I am LOVING it. One of my favorite things about this season is how the sunlight soaks everything so deeply that it almost makes the colors glow with a light of their own. I had so much fun bringing that out in these photos from when I took a walk in the woods and found so many lovely tiny flowers and baby leaves to show you guys.

So here’s a little dose of beauty for your day (and your desktop, if you so desire). 🙂 Enjoy!

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Explore with Me 005 | Nature Collecting

Hello, my friends!

It’s been so long since I’ve done an “explore with me” post. Remember those? I started this series to motivate myself (and you!) to get outside, even when it’s not super appealing, like in winter. I take you guys with me on a walk around our farm, adding in a little twist or art/photography prompt that you can try where you live as well.

Today’s prompt is to bring a bag, tote, or other container along on your walk and collect things you find interesting. If you live in the city, it could be man-made bits and pieces – coins, old papers, a lost toy, etc. – but since I live in the country and have plenty of woods to roam through, I decided to collect some nature.

(Please note, of course, to take only what is allowed where you live! A park is not the best place to collect specimens of live plants, for instance. 😉 If you have a decent-sized yard, you can find interesting things just outside your house, on your own land.)

So, want to see what I found in the woods? Let’s go!

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How to Use Macro Extension Tubes on Your DSLR

Hello, dears!

Aria’s wedding was absolutely incredible and I can’t WAIT to post pictures, but I will save that for when she gets back. 🙂 Until then, I thought I’d make a post that’s been requested in the past: a guide on how to use the macro extensions I’ve featured in past posts!

I’ve already done a little review here, so check that out if you haven’t, but today I’m following it up with more practical knowledge, tips, and inspiration to get some beautiful macro photography.

The best thing? This super fun camera upgrade costs less than $10! O.o I’m always amazed because NOTHING camera related costs that little, am I right? XD

Alright, let’s go looking for the small things, shall we? 🙂

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Macro Explorations {Raindrop Photography}

Hello, dears!

Ahh, guys, I’m so excited for this post because I have to say – this is my favorite nature photoshoot I’ve done in quite a while! 😀 If you’re a regular reader around here, you know that raindrop photography is a recurring theme with me, heh. If you’re new, hopefully the reason why will be clear after you read the post. 😉 I don’t think I’ll ever not be amazed at the perfect little jewels that literally coat the ground after a rain.

Macro photography isn’t really going to change your life or anything, but maybe it can remind you that there’s beauty and wonder everywhere, even in the rain, even when the big picture looks a lot like a sopping wet backyard in winter. You know? 🙂 It does for me.

Anyway. Let’s get into it!

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Etcetera #11

Hello, dears!

Yikes. I haven’t done an “etcetera” post in three months – my computer is about to burst with random photos! I went through these again and again and eventually couldn’t bear to narrow them down anymore, so prepare for the biggest photo dump I’ve posted on here in a while. O.o This may require a cup of hot something or a snack, if you’re that kind of person. 😉

Anyway, I’m rather excited about this mish-mashed collection of cute pups, jelly beans, self portraits, foggy photography, tangled plants, adventures, and aesthetic pictures. 🙂 I’ll keep my captions to a minimum so you can just scroll and enjoy.

(Also happy Valentine’s day; I almost forgot. XD) Let’s do this!

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