Another Dewy Photoshoot

Hello, my friends!

I’ve been saving this dewdrop photoshoot for several months, as you will see from the green-ness and flowers in this post. Since, of course, I’ve posted countless similar photoshoots (but I can’t help it!), I decided to edit these pictures a little differently. Although I took them all at the same time, I had fun editing some to look like they were taken at golden hour or even at night. You know me and my photo editing experiments, right? 😛

Anyway, I hope you enjoy this small dose of sunshine and growing things for a winter day!

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A Dramatic Floral Photoshoot

Hello, dears!

Ha, I had a terrible time coming up with the title for this post. “Dark and moody” sounds scary to begin with, but when you combine it with “flowers”… It just doesn’t work. XD So I went with “dramatic.”

So anyway, I’m posting pretty flower pictures today. I was working with rather flat, boring lighting, so I decided to edit it in a more dramatic style that highlighted the intricate forms of the flowers without depending on nice, glowy lighting to make the colors pretty. I have to say, I’m quite pleased with how they turned out!

Also, some of these might make good phone wallpapers… feel free to use them as such if you wish. 🙂 Enjoy!

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Winter Palette {a Collection of Photos}

Hello, dears!

I’ve been taking lots of winter walks lately and getting pictures which are… kinda blah. Heh. It’s hard to find much variety and color in winter landscapes, you know? I think of blue and white as winter colors, but without snow, the palette is more like brown and gray. However, today I decided to try and embrace that, partially inspired by this lovely post, and pick out some of those photos to edit in a wintery, understated way.

Did they turn out aesthetic or just… brown? XD I don’t know, you’ll have to see what you think of my attempt! Read on for some interesting bits of winter I’ve collected for you. 🙂

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