Sisters Q&A!

Guess what? Megan and I are going to host a Q&A to celebrate two things: one, Megan’s birthday was August 29th (Happy Birthday to Megan! ♥ ), but also because I HAVE 919 FOLLOWERS OH MY GOODNESS COULD I ACTUALLY GET 1,000 THIS YEAR??? *Takes a deep breath*


But this isn’t just a normal Q&A. This is going to be – *dun duh dun* – a Sisters Q&A!

Say What?

A Sisters Q&A is like a regular Q&A, except we will answer the question for the other person instead of for ourselves. This is Megan’s example question:

Q #1: What is your favorite color?

Megan: Allison’s favorite color is purple.

Allison: Megan’s favorite color is yellow.

Megan and I get a point for each question we answer correctly. If we didn’t answer correctly…

Megan: Um, Allison, my favorite color is hot pink. You didn’t know that? Yellow was my favorite color a long time ago! Like, last week or something.

Allison: Yeah right. You just changed your favorite color RIGHT NOW to make me lose a point! I happen to know that you do NOT like hot pink. Like at all.

Whoever answers the most questions correctly wins the best sister award. (Heh heh, just kidding on that last part. XD )

Let the Battle Begin!

You can ask classic questions (like what is your favorite food) or funny questions (like would you rather wear a little kid princess dress or a striped tie). If you ask questions that depend on the time, like “what are you wearing right now”, that may not work so well. XD

Also, we decided to set a limit of 10 questions per commenter because that could get really long. 😉

Is There a Deadline?

Yes. You have until September the 10th to submit questions via the comments below.


P. S. I have a big prayer request for you guys. My cousin/best friend Leisha is going to have major heart surgery on Thursday. *GULP* Please, please pray for the surgery to go really well and for the recovery to be quick. ♥