Rose & Devin {Proposal + Engagement Photoshoot}

Hello friends!

It was a freezing, rainy day when Rose and her cousin walked down to the pavilion to get a snack, and instead found Devin down on one knee. I was hiding behind the woodpile with my camera, trying not to let too much rain soak through my boots… But the uncomfortable weather was worth it because Rose said yes! And we got cute pictures!

Enjoy a few of my favorites from this memorable December day. 🙂

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AHHHHH. GUYS GUYS GUYS, Sully proposed to me! And I said yes! I’M ENGAGED. We’re both thrilled and life is crazy and wedding planning is slightly overwhelming, but WOOHOO! I don’t usually use multiple exclamation points BUT I FEEL LIKE I SHOULD RIGHT NOW!!

Ahem. I’ve been waiting for such a time as this to tell you guys the story of how Sully and I met. It’s a hilariously memorable tale (especially the first part), and now I can supplement it with how he proposed! I HAVE A FIANCÉ. HELP. Okay, I need to settle down…

Oh, and since I want you guys to have a chance to “meet” Sully, we’ll be doing a Q&A post! After you read this, drop as many questions as you want in the comments and he and I will answer some of them in another post. 🙂

Now, here’s our story.

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