Farewell, 2021 {My Year in Review}

Hello, my friends!

I don’t know about you, but I kinda loved 2021. 🙂 I’m going to remember this year forever, and to help with that, I’m here with another year-in-review post. I always make these to record highlights of my year, favorite photos I’ve taken, blog stats, goals and resolutions, etc. Enjoy a little scrapbook of my past twelve months!

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A Family Vacation at Norris Lake

Hello, dears!

Gracious, this is the longest break from blogging I’ve had in… ages! I think all the unused busyness from the early COVID months got condensed into these last four weeks or so, sheesh. In part, we went on vacation (obviously), we had a big party + game night on Megan’s birthday, I’ve been toiling over a big design project for a client, we went to my great grandma’s funeral, I started art tutoring and teaching at a local co-op again (with frustrating regulations), and we had a lot of company come over, including my best friend who lives states away!

Of course, I took a bunch of pictures and some of that will make it into future posts if I ever have time to write them, argh. But for now, at least I finally made this post about our vacation. 🙂 We went to Norris Lake in Tennessee this year, and the highlight of the trip was tubing, swimming, and boating. So exhausting, but so fun, and GREAT for water photography! 😉 I hope you guys enjoy!

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