Natural Disasters-ish

Okay, the title is kind of strange. This post is going to be about a thunderstorm and wildfire, which are sort of natural disasters, but… not really (at least thunderstorms aren’t exactly natural disasters). XD Does that clear things up? Good. 🙂

Yep, there was recently a really big wildfire on the mountains near where I live.We could see the glow at night from one of our fields.  I think the fire grew to over 9,000 acres! (Which is really big for around here, but not nearly as big as the Canadian wildfire raging right now. I hope that wildfire is put out soon! 😦 )

This picture is about how our wildfire looked like:

-Allison(arboretum, forest fire) 002 (1024x768)

Yeah, pretty boring. But I also got some more dramatic (and unrealistic) photos:

Much more interesting. 😛

And now for the thunderstorm…

-Allison(lady slippers, doll, thunderstorm) 025 (1024x768)-Allison(lady slippers, doll, thunderstorm) 023 (1024x768)-Allison(lady slippers, doll, thunderstorm) 019 (1024x768)-Allison(lady slippers, doll, thunderstorm) 017 (1024x196)-Allison(lady slippers, doll, thunderstorm) 015 (1024x768)


P. S. Thank you all so much for your sweet Happy Birthday wishes! And yes, I did have a great birthday. 😀 I don’t normally do this, but would you like to see a post with pictures of some of the lovely presents I got with reviews on a few of the things?