A Frosty Nature Photoshoot

Hello friends!

This January has been unseasonably warm so I haven’t seen snow yet, but we have gotten a few morning frosts. I actually took these photos last month and have been waiting to share them. I had a lot of fun wandering around my parent’s farm and spotting little gems just waiting to be captured by a camera.

Enjoy this pretty, chilly photoshoot!

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A Sunny Winter Walk in the Woods

Hello, friends!

Today I want to take you on a virtual walk through the forest with me. ❤ I found so many odd trees, lovely ferns, and pretty creeks on my little hike the other day. I haven’t traipsed around our farm like this by myself for quite a while, so it was really fun and refreshing to soak in a warm February day and take photos of the interesting bits of nature I discovered.

Enjoy this sunny winter photoshoot!

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