Fall Walks

Here are some pictures from recent nature walks around our farm:

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 010

I thought this mullein looked pretty with the dewdrops on it.

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 004

We saw a lot of gorgeous bluebirds in one spot where we walked.  I ♥ bluebirds!

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 005

This is sort of a random picture.-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 011A little brown moth sitting on a little brown leaf

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 036


-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 038We also found some salamanders under logs and such in the woods.

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 040Awww, isn’t he cute? (Sorry for the not-so-good picture, but I wanted you to see him☺)

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 022

We also found good-smelling things, not just good-looking ones.  This is pineapple weed and it smells deliciously fruity.

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 014

Does anyone know what this is called? I call it peppermint weed because it smells really minty!  I know it looks really ugly, but it smells sooo good.  I wish I could send you the smell!

-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 041

Fungus among us!-Allison (walk, bluebirds) 028I took this picture laying down in the woods with my camera pointing up.  I like the interesting angle on this one.

Which is your favorite picture?




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