Fun with… FLUBBER!

If you haven’t yet made flubber, you absolutely MUST!  It is an ooey-gooey-but-not-sticky goop that is tons of fun for kids and adults.  If you babysit, this is the thing to bring! (Note: Flubber isn’t sticky, but it can get stuck on soft things like cloth or hair if it sets on them.  If it gets on clothing, try rubbing the spot with a paper towel dampened with vinegar.)  Now that I’ve scared you with all the warnings, let’s make some flubber!  Flubber is made of glue, water, borax (a inexpensive cleaning agent), and food coloring (optional).  Click here for the recipe.  Now for some proof of the fun!

-Allison(Lily, flubber) 039 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 041 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 042 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 046 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 047 -Allison(Lily, flubber) 048

As you can see from the last three pictures, you can also blow bubbles with flubber.  Just make a pocket for a straw, make sure it’s airtight, and blow!

Pastel yellow is a really fun color for flubber because it looks like so many different things: pancake batter, pizza dough, noodles, cake/cookie/cupcake batter, bread…  It’s also fun to have a couple of things from the kitchen to use, like spatulas, forks, and cookie cutters.

I’d love to hear about it if you give it a go!


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