Make a Zoo Terrarium

My little sister Carmen, and I had fun making a little zoo terrarium with some of the bajillions of plastic animals we have piled up. We first put a fresh layer of soil down in a glass aquarium and divided the space into six pens of various sizes by scraping a line in the dirt. Then we made fences by gluing three toothpicks evenly spaced onto a pair of small wooden craft sticks, like so. I was too lazy to get up to take another picture, so I just sat at the computer and made a diagram instead. 🙂


I transplanted a few succulents in the pens. Then came the fun part – furnishing the pens!

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 004

Rabbit, hamster, and mouse pen: Hutch: sides from cardboard, roof from wooden craft sticks. Food and water bowls: metal bottle caps, water for water bowl, cardboard bits for food bowl. Straw: Uh… something like really thin raffia.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 011

Turtles’ pen: half of a plastic Easter egg for the pond, a rock inside the pond for an island, water in the pond, and a little ‘moss puff” on the side.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 005

Dog pen: Doghouse from cardboard, bowls from plastic bottle caps. Food: tiny squares of cardboard.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 006

Safari pen: Um, pretty much a succulent with a couple of smooth rocks.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 007

Farm pen: Cardboard barn, straw from raffia. (By the way, this is definitely NOT what our farm looks like. :P)

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 008

Woodland pen: Moss puffs, quartz rocks, and clay toadstools made by yours truly.

Here are some shots of the whole thing.

-Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 010 -Allison(felt doll, zoo terrarium, Clemmy) 009And thus ends the tour of our little zoo. Hope you enjoyed!




5 thoughts on “Make a Zoo Terrarium

    1. Thank you very much! I got the idea from a book we got from the library called “Martha Stewart’s Favorite Crafts for Kids,” but we made our terrarium pretty different from hers.

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