How to Blow Double Balloons

I hope you all had a good Thanksgiving. I did! At one of our Thanksgiving celebrations we had a lot of fun watching home videos from years ago. We were hilarious back then, and so cute!

Anyway… moving on. For my brother Jeff’s birthday party awhile ago I figured out how to blow up two balloons, one inside the other! Like this: (although it’s a little hard to see in the picture).

-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 024 (1280x960)

It is kind of hard to explain how I did it, but I will try my best because it looks really neat when you’re finished! It would look especially good if you used really clear balloons instead of colored ones for the outside balloon because then you could see the balloon inside of it better. I sort of learned that the hard way. I tried it once with blue inside and green outside, and another time the opposite way. When I used the blue balloon as the outside balloon, it was so colored you could hardly see the green balloon inside it. So, lesson learned: use the lightest or most transparent balloons for the outside balloons.

Now I’ll stop jabbering and actually tell you how to do this.

  1. Pick two balloons. You will want a light colored balloon for the outside and a darker color for the inside. I, sadly, did not obey this rule for this balloon, so in this case, my darker color (blue) is going to hold the lighter (green) balloon inside it.
  2. First blow up the outside balloon (in my case, blue), to stretch it.
  3. Now hold open the outside balloon with your fingers, stretching the neck as far as you can, while pushing the inside balloon down inside it. I took this picture while doing all of that – aren’t you proud of me? ;D  -Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 014 (1280x960) You may need someone to help you with this, but it is possible to do it by yourself because I did! Push the inside balloon down until only the rim sticks out of the neck of the outside balloon. You should see even less of the inside balloon than it shows in the picture. If I unfolded the blue it would be about right. You should just barely see the rim showing.-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 015 (1280x960)
  4. Blow! Since there are two balloon layers, it is harder to blow, but again, it is possible! The inside balloon will blow up the outside balloon too. Stop blowing when the balloon is still fairly small.
  5. Now tie off the inside balloon by stretching the neck far out of the outside balloon and tying it. -Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 019 (1280x960)-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 020
  6. Push the inside balloon as far down as possible -Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 021 (1280x960)and blow up the outside balloon. You should be able to see the inside balloon move around when you shake it by the time you’ve blown it big enough.
  7. Tie off the outside balloon.
  8. You’re done!-Allison(sunset, balloon, mold) 024 (1280x960)

I hope you can figure out the instructions because they look amazing when they’re finished!

See you later!



12 thoughts on “How to Blow Double Balloons

  1. That is SO cool! I never knew that blowing double balloons was even possible! 🙂
    Home videos are so much fun! We watched some at a recent family party, and they were hilarious. 😉
    Glad to hear you had a great Thanksgiving! 🙂


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