Mystery Pictures #7!

Wow, I haven’t posted mystery pictures for a long time. But no worries, it’s back again! Now… oh wait. The rules.

Here’s the deal: I show you a few close-up pictures of ordinary objects, and you try to guess what they are. Just comment below this post with your guesses, and I will reveal the answers and the winners next Tuesday the 26th. I don’t approve guess comments until I reveal the mystery, just so no one gets ideas from another comment. 😉 And you can see my other mystery pictures post here.


I hope they’re not too easy… or too hard… or too medium… XD XD Well, maybe medium would be good. 🙂



018 (1024x768)


011 (1280x960)


tire and feather (5) (1280x960)


007 (1024x768)


016 (640x480)


061 (640x480)


005 (1024x768)


020 (1024x768)

Hooray! Now I can’t wait to read your guesses. 😀 Remember, come back on the 26th for the “Mystery Revealed”!



54 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures #7!

  1. Yay, Mystery Pictures! Here are my guesses:
    1. I don’t know- a milk jug? An egg carton? Neither of those look right.
    2. It certainly looks like a carpet.
    3. I saw it before the photo loaded, so I saw the title. But it is a tire. So I think I cheated…. :}
    4. A banana!
    5. Oh! After wondering what in the world this could be, I think it’s a zipper.
    6. A feather!
    7. Asparagus, I think. Even though the color look wrong.
    8. A clothespin!


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  2. OOOOOH! Here are my guesses:
    #1 Top of cup that you get for a blizzard or something. The part where the straw goes in! 😉
    #2 Rug
    #3 Tire
    #4 Banana
    #5 Zipper
    #6 Feather
    #7 Asparagus
    #8 Clothes pin
    OOOOH! I felt like I got most of these right! xD 😀 Probably not, now that I said that! xD Haha! 🙂 These were good!! I almost didn’t realize that #3 was a tire (maybe it’s not! :O 😀 :)), but these were all Great!! Can’t wait to see how many I got right! 😀 xD

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  3. Oh, yay! Here are my guesses.
    1. A styrofoam cup top
    2. Carpet
    3. Some sort of stone…I’m not sure what
    4. I have no idea! The only thing I can think of is a banana, but I’m pretty sure that’s not right.
    5. A zipper!
    6. No clue.
    7. A plant of some sort, but I don’t know what.
    8. A clothes pin!
    That was really fun! 🙂
    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  4. 1. Fast food drink lid (if that made sense xD)
    2. carpet
    3. I don’t know… I know their stones…. I think xD.
    4. Banana!!
    5. zipper
    6. Feather
    7. asparagus
    8. Clothes pin 😀

    Boom! I think I got almost all of them :p.

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  5. #1 – lid on a cup from a fast food place
    #2 – carpet
    #3 – not sure… Stone pathway?
    #4 – I’m gonna say a banana
    #5 – a zipper
    #6 – I don’t know…
    #7 – I don’t know that one either LOL!
    #8 – A clothespin!
    This was really fun! Thanks for doing this! 😀

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  6. #1 – A coffee cup cover
    #2 – A rug
    #3 – Dark sand, maybe?
    #4 – Squash ;p
    #5 – Zipper
    #6 – White Feather (Preferably a chicken’s)
    #7 – Asparagus, or a vegetable of some kind?
    #8 – A clothes line clip
    I really hope I got these right!!!!!

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  7. 1. The lid from a cup at a restaurant (like Wendy’s)
    2. A rug or blanket
    3. A tire
    4. Banana
    5. A zipper
    6. Some kind of leaf? A hairbrush? A toothbrush? XD
    7. Asparagus
    8. Clothespin

    Eeee! That was fun! 😀

    -Clara ❤

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    1. xD xD HOW I WISH I COULD GO TO THE DRAFTS!!!! xD Your drafts, of course, and…well, I guess just to see the guess that they put. Wow, this whole…only type- I mean, only … with one …thing words is HARD! xD xD Don’t ask. Just ask your sister, … Al. xD XP


            1. We’re watching (going to) Woodlawn (a football movie, perfect since I’m writing a football story! ;)) and eating HOME MEADE PIZZA!! Yuuum! 😀 🙂


  8. I’ve never guessed before, but here goes:

    #1: The plastic cover of a cup of soda.

    #2: I’m going to say a rug?

    #3: The bottom of a shoe.

    #4: A potato.

    #5: A zipper.

    #6: A feather.

    #7: It’s a bud that comes from a fir tree, I think… or something like that…

    #8: A clothespin.

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  9. Ooh…let’s see…
    1. Lid to plastic (fast food) cup?
    2. Carpet?
    3. Tire?
    4. No clue…haha!
    5. Zipper?
    6. Chicken feather?
    7. Clay?
    8. Clothes pin?

    Can’t wait to see the answers! XD

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  10. #1 is a cup lid…. #2 a rug?…#3 some type of stone work?…#4 A rock/stone…#5 A zipper #6 a feather…#7 some type of flower or fruit? #8 the metal screw thing on a clothespin! boy those were hard!!! But it was fun guessing! Can’t wait to see the answers! 😀


  11. #1 is the top of a styrofoam cup like you get at a restaurant,
    #2… I’m thinking a carpet?
    Not sure about #3
    #4 is a peeled potato (okay, there is no way to word that that sounds right).
    #5 is a zipper.
    #6 is a feather.
    #7 is asparagus,
    And #8 looks like a spring inside of something, but I’m not sure what it’s inside of.

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  12. 1. The plastic tops of drink cups
    2. yarn? carpet? dust bunnies?–nope–scratch off the dust bunnies. xD
    3. I feel like I should know this one…rocks? mud? sand?
    4. banana
    5. zipper
    6. feather
    7. asparagus
    8. corkscrew

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  13. 1. Plastic soda lid?
    2. Carpet
    3. Bottom of a boot. Or shoe.
    4. A spot on a squash or vegetable
    5. A zipper
    6. Uh…. I don’t know, a toothbrush???
    7. Asparagus
    8. A clothes pin
    🙂 That was fun. 🙂


      1. XD I know, that happens to me sometime with mystery pictures. I’m like, “What in the world is that?” and then when I see the answer, I’m like, “Of course. Why didn’t I think of that?” XD

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    1. No worries! I don’t approve any comments with guesses in them because they might give hints to other people. 🙂 So that’s why none of the other guess-comments showed up either. I’ll approve them after I reveal the mysteries!


  14. 1: soda lid; 2: carpet; 3: tire treads? 4: a peeled potato with spots? 5: zipper; 6: a feather; 7: an asparagus stalk head? 8: a clothespin.


  15. Great pictures!
    #1 – disposable cup lid
    #2 – carpet
    #3 – tire tread
    #4 – banana
    #5 – zipper
    #6 – feather
    #7 – asparagus
    #8 – clothespin

    Abigail and Clara

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  16. Number one looks like a soda cup cover, and number three looks like a bottom of a shoe, and number four looks like a banana, and number five looks like a zipper, and number six looks like a feather, and number eight looks like a clothespin.

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