Tree Stump Fairy House DIY

fairy house 12 (1024x768).jpg

I love making fairy houses! They’re so cute and add a whimsical pop wherever you put them. This time I made a fairy house in an old stump in my grandparents’ woods. I bought the toadstool table set and ladder from Hobby Lobby, and the rest of the things I had on hand. But the great thing about fairy houses is you can make them however you like – with lots of store bought goodies or with none at all! It’s really fun to make a fairy house out of only natural things, such as twigs, moss, bark, nutshells, and rocks.

You definitely don’t have to make your fairy house in a stump – you can even make one in a pretty pot for inside. I’ll walk you through how I made this fairy house to give you some inspiration, then you can change things up however you like.

Step 1: Find a hollow stump.


fairy house 4 (1024x768)

Step 2: Fill with rubbish (leaves, dirt, sticks, rocks) on bottom, and top off with nice pretty dirt. Don’t fill the stump all the way to the top. Make sure the dirt is tamped down well, or else when it rains the dirt will compress.

fairy house 6 (1024x768)

Step 3: Carpet your fairy house with a layer of moss. Moss is probably my favorite ingredient to use in fairy houses. 🙂

Step 4: Furnish the fairies’ home! This is how I furnished mine:

fairy house 5 (1024x768)

fairy house 3 (1024x768)

A note about the pond: the flower pond actually used to be a birdfeeder, but since it had broken off its pole, we stopped up the drainage holes with hot glue and used it as a pond. 🙂

Now for the ladder and bedroom parts:

I used this tiny wooden ladder to provide the fairies with a way to enter their house – in case their wings are sore. 😉 If your ladder isn’t long enough, you may have to set a stone under it. I also happened to find a perfectly arched twig, so I used that as an entryway arch.

fairy house 7 (1024x768)fairy house 8 (1024x768)

For the bedroom, I wedged some twigs in a narrow passageway to make another ladder from the top floor to the bedroom. The furnishings are a little sparse down there. 😛

fairy house 11 (1024x768)fairy house 10 (1024x768)fairy house 9 (1024x768)

Step 5: Water any plants or moss you planted, and fill any ponds with water.

Ta-daa! You’re finished!

Have you ever made a fairy house? What was your favorite part of this one?



326 thoughts on “Tree Stump Fairy House DIY

  1. That is simply a darling little house I know any fairy would be happy to live there!
    Great tutorial!
    Once me and my sister built a fairy village but it got destroyed by a bunny! 🙂

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  2. Oh my gosh that’s so cute! Ahh!!! I love fairy houses too!
    I made a house in a shipyard one time out of pebbles and natural clay, it had bark strips for a roof, a well in the back, branched sticks for trees, and I set up sticks for the fence.
    I need to make more fairy houses again 🙂
    Great post!

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      1. I’d have to find a big dead tree stump first though! Which my tiny garden doesn’t have unfortunately. But if I’m ever in luck I will certainly have to remember this!

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  3. Its really cute. Building fairy houses are very relaxing as well. I love building fairy houses. My latest project is the Enchanted Garden, I will be taking pics of it and sharing it with everyone soon, well when the sun decides shine on it the right way, hmm, maybe readers could give pointers.

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  4. Oh! To have girls! Showed this to my boys (5 and 7) with huge enthusiasm…and they responded with the kind of blank stares reserved for other mother’s crazy-isms, like ‘hey, want to tidy your room boys.’. So it looks like it’s just me and the tree stump then…. 😉 Lovely stuff.

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  5. What a cute idea. I have created my own fairy world. Instead of actual fairies, they are artistic fairy frogs. They have transparent wings with gold on the trim. The place where they live in in a way enchanted because only certain people can see them. I even have a storyline created for them

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      1. I got inspired by fairy frogs when mom and I took a walk on the greenway. I saw a forest of cattails and the idea sprang from that.

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  6. very creative. I’m not that artistic, and defiantly not the good at sculpting or building things, but I think that this is an amazing idea!

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    1. Thank you, Jade! Aww, but that’s the great thing about fairy houses – you can make them however you want with whatever you have! 😀 Glad you liked it. 🙂


  7. This is adorable and definitely inspiring. That would be nice to adapt to some clay pots to decorate my balcony since I honestly can’t grow anything to save my life. Thanks for posting this how to.

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    1. Thank you! Ooh yeah, that would look really nice. You could even buy that dried moss or whatever it is if you want the green look without the work. XD 😉 You’re quite welcome!


  8. Back in my country when we were kids, we built our own little houses with mud. My brothers used to go an extra mile to even make up a while gas station filled with toy cars. The girls would make dolls from banana fibers. We even made up cooking stones with tiny little containers to make a meal.
    Oh how I miss childhood. So adventurous. Thanks for taking me thru dis memory lane.

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