1,000 Followers Giveaway!

I STILL CAN’T BELIEVE IT, GUYSSSS! 1,000 FOLLOWERS! EXCEPT BECAUSE I TOOK SO LONG TO POST THIS, NOW IT’S 1,190 FOLLOWERS!!! OH MY GOODNESSSSSSSS! Just think… before being featured on WordPress Discover, I had 150 followers. That’s really pretty great! And now…. *GASP* It’s simply amazing.

Thank you all soooooo, so much! You guys are one of my top favorite parts of blogging. ♥ I’ve met Clara, Grace, Hayley, K. A., Misty, Rebekah, Josie and so many more lovely girls through blogging. I love you! ♥

In celebration of this momentous moment in my blog’s life, I’m hosting a giveaway (in case you haven’t noticed). 😀

» The Prize «

 The prize will include two things:
  1. A miniature garden kit to make a garden similar to this one. This includes the following:

File Oct 14, 8 32 11 PM.jpeg002003004005

  • 1 glass terrarium globe
  • A mini-bag of soft, green, dried moss
  • A mini-bag of blue glass pebbles
  • 3 clay succulents (made by me)
  • 1 clay mushroom (made by me)
  • 1 shiny, marbled clay stone (made by me)
  • Plus a few other tidbits I might throw in 😉

2. Your choice of one of the following coupons for my Etsy shop:

  • 30% off any item
  • Free shipping on any item

» How to Enter «

  • If you are under 18, please get a parent’s permission before entering this giveaway.
  • I will need your email address and/or your address so I can notify you and give you the prizes. But of course I will NOT share either of those – they’re safe with me. 😉
  • To enter, comment saying you would like to enter (well duh), and include a bible verse, quote, or riddle (or all of the above) that you like.
  • NOTE: This giveaway is only open to my readers living in the United States. I’m so sorry about that, but shipping gets complicated (not to mention expensive) otherwise. 😥

» To Collect Extra Entries… «

  • Take my survey to collect one extra entry – but please take it only if you actually read my blog or it won’t help me much. 😉 (By the way, this is a new survey, so none of you have taken it yet as far as I know.)
  • Share this post on Pinterest or social media to collect one extra entry. (NOTE: You may share this post as many times as you like, but you still will only get one extra entry.)
  • Share any other post from my blog on Pinterest or social media to get one extra entry. Please pick a post you actually like instead of randomly sharing any post. (Again, only the first share will give you an extra entry, but I’m ecstatic if you want to share more! 😀 )

»When Will This Giveaway Close?«

  • This giveaway will close October 28th at 12:00 am, ET. You have only two weeks!
  • On October the 29th I will announce the winner. I’ll also add the bible verse, quote, or riddle they included with their entry, as well as my favorites from the rest of the participants – just to add a little extra fun. 🙂

AAAAHHH THIS IS SO EXCITING! Thank you guys once again for reading my blog. ♥



Tree Stump Fairy House DIY

fairy house 12 (1024x768).jpg

I love making fairy houses! They’re so cute and add a whimsical pop wherever you put them. This time I made a fairy house in an old stump in my grandparents’ woods. I bought the toadstool table set and ladder from Hobby Lobby, and the rest of the things I had on hand. But the great thing about fairy houses is you can make them however you like – with lots of store bought goodies or with none at all! It’s really fun to make a fairy house out of only natural things, such as twigs, moss, bark, nutshells, and rocks.

You definitely don’t have to make your fairy house in a stump – you can even make one in a pretty pot for inside. I’ll walk you through how I made this fairy house to give you some inspiration, then you can change things up however you like.

Step 1: Find a hollow stump.


fairy house 4 (1024x768)

Step 2: Fill with rubbish (leaves, dirt, sticks, rocks) on bottom, and top off with nice pretty dirt. Don’t fill the stump all the way to the top. Make sure the dirt is tamped down well, or else when it rains the dirt will compress.

fairy house 6 (1024x768)

Step 3: Carpet your fairy house with a layer of moss. Moss is probably my favorite ingredient to use in fairy houses. 🙂

Step 4: Furnish the fairies’ home! This is how I furnished mine:

fairy house 5 (1024x768)

fairy house 3 (1024x768)

A note about the pond: the flower pond actually used to be a birdfeeder, but since it had broken off its pole, we stopped up the drainage holes with hot glue and used it as a pond. 🙂

Now for the ladder and bedroom parts:

I used this tiny wooden ladder to provide the fairies with a way to enter their house – in case their wings are sore. 😉 If your ladder isn’t long enough, you may have to set a stone under it. I also happened to find a perfectly arched twig, so I used that as an entryway arch.

fairy house 7 (1024x768)fairy house 8 (1024x768)

For the bedroom, I wedged some twigs in a narrow passageway to make another ladder from the top floor to the bedroom. The furnishings are a little sparse down there. 😛

fairy house 11 (1024x768)fairy house 10 (1024x768)fairy house 9 (1024x768)

Step 5: Water any plants or moss you planted, and fill any ponds with water.

Ta-daa! You’re finished!

Have you ever made a fairy house? What was your favorite part of this one?


Some Clayations :)

Today I shall show you some of my many polymer clay creations (or “clayations” XD ).

First up, I started a little collectible series on my Etsy shop called Tiny Turtle Collectibles. They are mini turtles with unique and fun shells. The only collection I have up so far is the Sweet Treat collection. Here they all are:

sweet treat turtles collection (700x525)

Little cuties. 🙂 From left to right: Sprinkles, Cocoa Cupcake, Chippy, and Sundae Monday. (Sundae Monday, Sundae Monday, Sunday Monday… it’s so fun to say. XD ) Here’s a close-up of Chippy:

sweet treat turtles (12) (587x441)

If you’d like to see more pictures of the teeny-tiny turtles, take a peek at my Etsy shop! The link is up there ↑ somewhere… aw, I’ll just give it to you again. 🙂 Wee Little Crafts

I made this lil’ cardinal for my grandma for her birthday:

-Allison(Carmen's birthday) 011 (1024x768)

And I made this bluebird pencil pal for my cousin’s birthday:

002 (1024x768)

I put this birdie pencil pal in my shop. (It’s a blue bird but not a bluebird. XD )

blue bird pencil pal 3 (1024x768)

Yet another bird. (Wow, I didn’t realize I made so many birds. XD ) This guy’s name is Oliver.

snowy owlet 1.1 (1024x768)

A mini fairy-village:

fairy set 2 (1024x768)

I’m kind of proud of the next thing. 😛 This is a little Noah’s Ark. I was so excited when someone bought it the same night I listed it on my shop! 😀

048 (1024x768)050 (1024x768)noah's ark 5 (700x525)

And lastly, my current masterpiece. XD XP After seeing this adorable doll made by Julia, I decided to try my own. I was going to make it a baby doll, but… as you can, see, it didn’t turn out like that. Although she’s not nearly as cute as Julia’s, I still really like how she turned out. 🙂 I want to do a photoshoot of her sometime. When I do that post, I’ll show more detailed photos and tell about her a bit more. (If you’re wondering why, in the last picture, she has a hole in her ear, it’s because I’m still working on earrings for her. 😉 )

006 (1024x768)008 (1024x768)007 (1024x768)009 (1024x768)

If you’d like to see more of my clayations, check out this post, and/or type “polymer clay” in the search box on my blog sidebar.

I hope you enjoyed this clayish post. 😀 Which thing was your favorite?


P. S. I just listened to “Camp Granada” by Allan Sherman and “Ebay” by Weird Al. They are hilarious songs, especially “Ebay.” XD Have you ever heard them? If not, you should. XD

Recent Clay Creations

Hi, folks! How be-est thou? XD

I really like making things out of polymer clay (some of which I sell at my Etsy shop), so I’m going to show you a few little creations I made recently. Let’s start with a few fairies, shall we? They are super tiny – the littlest one, as you can see, feels quite comfortable on a penny.

Next up is a clay custom pet I made for my grandmother. It’s of her dog, Duke. I made him from a few pictures my sister Megan took (like the picture on the bottom right.) (You can click on the pictures to make them bigger.)

And then we have this lil’ gal. Her name is Alice, and you can buy her here at my Etsy shop. Isn’t she so cute? 🙂 Here she is shown standing on the top of the gnomes’ house (more on that later) and the fairies’ toadstool.

I made a game called Pebbles a little while ago, so I made some polymer clay pebbles for the playing pieces. I really like how they turned out! They are really shiny because I glazed them with a really nice glossy glaze. The granite looking one was a lot easier than it looks, because the clay already came like that. 🙂 The purple one has little translucent spots on it, and the rest are marbled clay.

-Allison(clay stuff, sunset) 022 (1280x960)

-Allison(clay stuff, sunset) 021 (1280x960)

Now for my masterpiece – the gnomes! 😀 I also made a gnome-house and table set for them.

Here are the two little gnomes…

And here are more details of their house. I made this by first forming a skeleton of 6-8 sticks, draping it over a tinfoil ball, and baking them. Then I wove a green log through those sticks for a vine, and filled in some of the gaps with more sticks in different colors. I added a sprinkling of tiny pink flowers for more color.

I made and baked the top yellow flower separately. I started with the inner layers and progressed outwards, adding the texturing details after I put the flower together. After it was baked, I glued it to the stick-part with this Sculpey glue which bonds as it bakes. And that’s it!

Here is the table set. I might sell this on Etsy sometime soon, but I’m too attached to my gnomes and gnome house to sell them. XD

table 1 (1280x640)

table 2 (851x315)

And that’s it! I’m not an expert, but I still really enjoy playing with polymer clay. Do you feel like “claying” now? If you do make something, I’d love to see it! (Here is a link to the kind of clay I use. I highly recommend it!: Premo Polymer Clay.) Have you ever worked with polymer clay before?

Thanks for reading!


P. S. We still have snow here, but it’s at that messy state between slush and snow. It’s kind of like the last remnants of nail polish that seem to stay on your nails for weeks after most of it has worn off. I always wish both snow and nail polish would last longer, and then just go away all at once. At least the snow still looks pretty nice, although I don’t know if I can say the same thing for my fingernails. 🙂 Do you still have snow?

Forest Terrarium

I love making terrariums/ fairy houses/ miniature gardens, and I got some cute little forest animals for my birthday from my friends, so I decided to make a forest terrarium with the glass tank we have.  I’ll show you mine so you can get an idea of how to make one, and then you can be creative and make your own!

——- I used ——-

-succulents (which I also got for my birthday)

-a random little bushy plant from the woods

-a stump thingy from a miniatures store

-miniature forest animals (my friends said they were from Target)



-quartz crystals (from around our farm)


-Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 009 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 010 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 011 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 012 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 013 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 014 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 015 -Allison (bunnies, forest terrarium) 016

I planted the shrubby things along the back of the terrarium.  Most of the succulents I made into little gardens with crystals in the two front corners of the terrarium.  I always think moss adds a nice touch, especially for a woods.  My favorite animals in their habitat are probably the wolf howling from the rock, or the skunk on a log.  Which are your favorites?


A Fairy House – or Not…

A couple weeks ago I had this great idea to put a fairy house in my flower bed.  Well, I made the fairy house, it turned out great, and I was happy.  Unfortunately, Maggie, our dog, thought that a fairy house would be a good snack, so she ate off the top of the fairy house! 😦  Any suggestions for how to fix that?  I can’t find the piece that she broke off, so I can’t just glue the top back on…

Anyway, at least I took some pictures in case of an emergency!  (Good thing I did!)  They were taken in the evening, so some of them aren’t the best quality, but at least you can see what it generally looked like.

-Allison (maple syrup 036 -Allison (maple syrup 037-Allison (maple syrup 048 -Allison (maple syrup 045 -Allison (maple syrup 044 -Allison (maple syrup 042 -Allison (maple syrup 041 -Allison (maple syrup 040 -Allison (maple syrup 039

I got all of the plants and moss from around our farm, and the fairy house and bridge are from Hobby Lobby.

One other thing: I might start a series on how to crochet.  I am definitely not a professional or anything, but I like to crochet and I wondered if any of you would be interested in learning.  You can just say something in the comments if you want me to do the series.

Well, bye for now!



Make A Terrarium

So, we have this salamander named Petunia as a pet,

2014-06-06-Allison 002

and she lives in a 10 gallon glass tank.  Since I love to make terrariums and miniature gardens, I decided to make something similar for her to live in.  She now lives in a terrarium.  Why make a terrarium?  Terrariums are fun, inexpensive(or free!), and make lovely decorations.

2014-06-06-Allison 012

Now for the do-it-yourself part. Terrariums are very customizable, but you’ll at least need: some sort of soil, a container, and some plants.  Some other nice things to add are:  some sort of water, (refer to the picture of Petunia in her pond)

2014-06-06-Allison 016


2014-06-06-Allison 015

and pretty stones.

2014-06-06-Allison 008

You could also add a little house or cabin,

2014-06-06-Allison 017

and what about a little clay bird to occupy the “trees”?

There are all kinds of possibilities.  A desert terrarium?  A rainforest one? Be creative!

A terrarium is pretty easy to take care of.  You basically just have to water the plants.  Moss can be harder to keep green (at least for me), but it really adds a lush atmosphere to the terrarium if you take care of it.

So there you go!  Now you know how to make your own terrarium, so get out there and have some fun!

Until next time…