Mystery Pictures #8

Wohoo! Are you ready to solve some mysteries, dear readers?

If you’re new to mystery picture posts, here are the rules: I show you a few close-up pictures of ordinary objects, and you try to guess what they are. Just comment below this post with your guesses, and I will reveal the answers and the winners next Saturday the 9th. I don’t approve guess comments until I reveal the mystery, just so no one gets ideas from another comment.;) You can see my other mystery picture posts here.

Okey-dokey-artichoke! Are you ready? ARE YOU READY? Oh, I guess not. You are? GOOD! Ahem.


mystery pictures (2) (1024x768)


mystery pictures (3) (1024x768)


mystery pictures (6) (1024x768)


mystery pictures (4) (1024x768)


mystery pictures (7) (1024x768)


mystery pictures (8) (1024x768)

I really hope that wasn’t too easy! It’s getting hard to find mystery pictures that I haven’t done yet. But I love how taking these photos makes me look at the things from a fresh perspective!


P. S. We finished painting my room yesterday. YAYAYAYAYAY!!! I’m so excited to redecorate – Hobby Lobby, here I come! 😀


28 thoughts on “Mystery Pictures #8


    1. A toothbrush!
    2. A baseball!
    3. Dog paw… ?
    4. A basketball net? A racket of some sort? A fence?
    5. Skin!
    6. Lightbulb!

    That was fun!!

    -Clara ❤

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  2. I have no clue what the first one is, lol! But here are my guesses.

    2. A Baseball
    3. Something from a fish tank??Idk
    4. A volleyball or soccer net or a fence.
    5. Skin? Lol
    6. Lightbulb!💡

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  3. Too EASY!? TOO EASY!????????? :O :O Okay…I don’t think I’m gonna get them right…but I MUST try! I MUST!!! 😛 😀 XD
    #1 those little things that you play that game with… something …sticks? Jaxsticks? Or ..something? XD In other words..I don’t know.
    #2 Sneakers? xD 😛
    #3 A DOGGIE PAW!!! Or cat… I think dog though..
    #4 wire/fence/panel stuff.
    #5 A chicken’s bare skin? What!? That’s what it looks like!!! :O Okay, fine…a person’s skin? fabric????
    #6 NO IDEA!!!
    Great pics…I can’t wait to see what they were! 😛 😀

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  4. Okay, I have to guess again, but DON’T COUNT THESE!!!!!!! They are what My family guessed and they are SO right! XD XD 😛
    #1 toothbrush
    #2 baseball
    #3 dog paw! 😉
    #4 fly swatter?
    #5 dry skin
    #6 light bulb!
    That’s what they guessed, and now that they said that I totally get them. Ugh. I’m SO awful at that! But since they guessed that don’t count it as MY guess! 😉 😛 I just wanted to show you for fun! 😛 😀

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  5. 1. Toothbrush
    2. Baseball
    3. Ugh! I have absolutely no idea what this could be! A flower maybe? :[]
    4. A racket or metal screening of some sort
    5. Skin!
    6. Lightbulb/lantern thingie 😛

    Thanks for hosting this game! I love doing it. 🙂

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  6. Great idea, Allison! Sometimes we “look” without really “seeing”. Hmmm … let’s see: toothbrush? baseball stitching? a slipper? window screen? skin? Last one’s a toughie … no guess, I guess. 🙂

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  7. Oh yay! Mystery pictures! Let’s see if I can get any of them right. 😉
    1. No clue, they remind me of pick-up sticks, but I don’t think that’s what they are.
    2. Sneaker
    3. An animal hoof, perhaps? I’m not sure what kind of animal, though. Maybe a cow?
    4. Barbed wire fence
    5. Human skin
    6. Light bulb

    ~Christian Homeschooler

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  8. Erhm . . .

    1. Toothbrush, 3. A stuffed animal???? 5. Skin????!!! 6. I really feel like that’s a Christmas light or something like that. The ones I left out I wasn’t sure of . . . . . 😀

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  9. My guesses:
    1. Tooth brush
    2. Baseball
    3. Stuffed animal paw
    4. Some kind of net (I have no idea :P)
    5. Skin
    6. A light bulb


    P.S. I hope got some right :/

    P.P.S. I can’t wait for your room redecoration post!

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  10. Great pics!
    #1 toothbrush
    #2 softball
    #3 stuffed animal
    #4 badminton racket
    #5 skin
    #6 lightbulb
    Thanks for the challenge! Happy Independence Day!(and Canada Day for us too!)
    ~Abigail Clara and Aunt Luci

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  11. OK here goes…I’ll guess 1 is a toothbrush and 2 is a baseball and 3 is a dog nose and 4 is a soccer net and 5 is a knee close up and 6 is a light bulb. Gee I hope I’m not to off. 😀

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  12. My answers:
    1. Toothbrush
    2. Tennis ball/small ball
    3. Some kind of flower
    4. fence/cage?
    5. Skin?
    6. lamp/bottle XD
    My brother’s answers:
    1. Toothbrush
    2. Old shoelace/baseball
    3. Some sort of flower
    4. fence
    5. skin and hair
    6. a bottle with some stuff in it

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  13. These are great! Let’s get started… 😀
    1. Toothbrush bristles
    2. A football
    3. A dog’s paw?
    4. A tennis racket
    5. Skin?
    6. Looks like a light bulb.


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  14. Okay! This sounds fun! Here are my guesses!
    1. Toothbrush bristles.
    2. Stitching on a feed bag.
    3. Weird flowers maybe?? This is really weird but it looks like part of a gorilla or monkey or something! LOL! 😉
    4. Garden fence or lattice.
    5. Human skin.
    6. A filament in a light bulb.

    Can’t wait to see what’s right! 😀


  15. 1. Toothbrush
    2. Baseball
    3. Cat or dog paw pad
    4. Woven wire, maybe?
    5. Skin
    6. Inside of a lightbulb
    This is such a fun game!


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