Envelope Art

I absolutely adore writing letters to my amazing pen(cil) pal, Charis, and also decorating envelopes to put them in. Today I decided to do a round-up of the envelopes I’ve decorated so far. I hope you enjoy! Also, you should really check out the lovely assortment of decorated envelopes and art Charis has made here! 🙂

envelope (8) (1280x901)

I think this is my first envelope. It’s okay, but thankfully they have improved since then. XD

envelope (7) (1280x960)

Aww, this is one of my favorites! It’s simple, but so cute.

envelope (1) (1280x940)

Sorry, I didn’t mean to startle you there! XD My family wondered what the mail lady thought when she saw this. 😛 It’s not my best eye ever, but it was quite fun to draw, especially the iris. I drew this because Charis has blue eyes, and I love drawing eyes!

envelope (2) (1280x853)

As you can tell, this was from Christmas. 😉

envelope (4) (1280x854)

The light blue marker stopped working on the sky, but the faded effect turned out kinda neat.

envelope (5) (1280x840)

A galaxy envelope from when I first learned how to draw galaxies. 🙂

envelope (6) (1280x960)

Eh. This one’s okay but the lines from the other side of the envelope kind of mess it up. (The weird splotches on the leaves are to cover up addresses.)

envelope (3) (1280x1093)

And last but not least, my most recent and possibly my favorite! I love how this turned out, with the colors and everything! Would anyone like an Art Lab post about the inspiration behind this and a tutorial on how to make it?

Well I hope you enjoyed that, dear readers. Which envelope was your favorite? Do you like decorating envelopes?

Thanks for reading!



100 thoughts on “Envelope Art

    1. Aww thanks soooo much! Ha ha, well you don’t have to do anything so complex to make a pretty envelope – even just designs or abstract watercolor can look really neat. Pinterest has lots of great ideas too if you need some!

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  1. Ooh, these all look so neat! I love the last one, the colors and everything go together amazingly! I’ve never decorated an envelope, but I think it would be a fun medium to experiment…I just don’t have anyone to write letters with! XD Awesome post!


    1. Thanks so much, Emma! Yes, I love that about it! 😀 Ooh yeah, you should ask some of your best blogger friends if they’d like to be pen pals – or your friends living in another state that you don’t see very often.
      Thanks, Emma! 😀

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    1. Yayyyy! I’ll do that then! Ha ha aww thank youuu! Well I think everyone can be an artist if they practice enough. 😀 Sometimes people just give up before they even try and then of course they won’t get good! XD
      Thanks for the comment, May!

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  2. I just CANNOT get over how amazing your artwork is. It’s just AMAZING! *freaks out*

    Annnyway, I loved this post so much! It brings back some fun pen(cil)-pal memories. 🙂 And I couldn’t stop myself from peeking at the new envelope, and lemme just say that it is ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS! It is definitely my favorite so far. (as you can tell, I’m kinda freaking out XD.)
    I absolutely cannot wait to get it! 😀


    1. AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH, DEAR! This comment made me smile. 😀 😀 😀 It made my day!
      YAYAYAY I’m super happy you like the new one! Hee hee! I can’t wait for you to get it either! XD

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  3. WHOAAA that last one! Amazing!! I love the reflection of the moon on the water! It looks like something out of a fairytale. I’d love to see an ArtLab post on it! 😀

    -Clara ❤


  4. Oh, those were so beautiful! I absolutely adore decorated envelopes, and my favorite was the last one! That would be so cool if you did an art lab episode on how to make that picture, it is so pretty! As you know, I have lots of pen-pals so I can make a bunch of them, haha! I’ve done this a couple times, but I should do it more! 😀


  5. I painted one an will be uploading it in a weeks to my blog and I will post the link here or you can just check it out. I had so much fun so just wanted to say thanks.


  6. I love your art and the fact you are a Christian and home schooled. I also am Christian and was home schooled for a period of time using the ACE program in England. I’m currently studying Fine Art at university in Bristol, UK. Love your blog and arty stuff!



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