Best Friends Q&A + Pictures

Hello, dears!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I did! So far we’ve had one out of four celebrations, and for the rest we’re going to our old farm for the weekend for fun times and delicious food with friends and family. 🙂

Anyway, back to the post. About a month ago I got the chance to visit my dear friend, Aria, and see her family’s lovely farm. We had a wonderful time together, and this time we made sure to take PLENTY of pictures. XD Aria suggested doing a BFF Q&A to go along with them, and I agreed it sounded fun. And here we are! Get ready for some pretty fall photography and answers to a selection of you guys’ questions. 😉 After you’re done here, make sure and hop over to Aria’s blog to check out fifteen more questions and answers!

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{Summer 2018}

Hello, dears!

Oh my, it was VERY hard to restrain myself from starting this post with the overused “I can’t believe summer went by so quickly!” (Wait, but what did I just do…? XD) Instead… let me think. Oh! I saw a marquee sign the other day that said “Summer should get a speeding ticket.” Much more original, right? AND TRUE.

ANYWAY. I seriously am having a hard time believing it’s September already, especially since this is the first year after graduating when I don’t have school! :O It feels strange, but it’s exciting. Even though it’s not technically fall yet, it doesn’t quite feel like summer anymore. Maybe it’s… fummer. NOPE, THAT SOUNDS TERRIBLE. Maybe it’s just September. Let’s go with that.

Ahem, what I was TRYING to say was that this post will be about 20+ things I did this summer, in no particular order. Not an exhaustive list, but a good summary. (Or rather, summery. SORRY I COULDN’T RESIST.)

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Best Friends Photoshoot {Ft. Aria Photo}

Hello, dears!

Just recently I got to meet one of my dearest blogging friends, Aria. She and her family stayed at our farm for a weekend and we all had SUCH a great time together! We had never actually seen each other in real life, but we’d become super close through emailing, letter writing, phone calls, etc. It was almost surreal to finally meet her, but SO, SO EXCITING AHHHH.

I won’t go tell you guys everything today or it would be as long as three posts, but one of the things we did together was a best friends photoshoot! We both love photography and Aria actually has a photography business over at Aria Photo! Some of these pictures Aria took herself, and some we asked my sister Megan to take (well, to press the button) for us. I basically did nothing with these pictures except be in them, heh heh.

Still, Aria gave me permission to post my favorites today along with some amusing behind-the-scenes tidbits, after which you can check out Aria’s post to see HER favorites, and read about how we became friends.


The first night Aria came, we took the Mule (a brand of UTV, similar to an ATV, not a literal mule XD) and drove around our farm, looking for good photography sites. It was SO much fun and the land looked gorgeous in the golden light. The evening we started with this path leading into the woods.

aria photo (4)

We wanted to get coordinating outfits for the shoot, and then Aria came up with the idea to get matching skirts but in different colors. (You might remember mine from the barn dance pictures.)


It turned out so well! This skirt is SUPER twirly and fun to wear, although it’s a bit delicate and has to be handwashed.  It also has like a bajillion color options. You can see the Amazon listing right here.

aria photo (2)

HA HA we had such troubles with this pose. XD Actually no, had troubles with this pose… and several others, actually. XD Poor Aria. But in my defense, some poses are a LITTLE difficult when you’re very tall and your best friend is only an average height. It was hard for me to bend back far enough without pulling her with me. XD

aria photo (3)

I LOVE THIS PICTURE! I just think it’s so cute and sweet. ❤ Also Aria kept exclaiming over how much more tanned her arm was than mine in this picture, but I said IT WAS JUST THE LIGHT. XD Seriously though, in real life our skin tone looked the same. *nods emphatically*

aria photo (5)

Ahh, I love this photo location because of the stunning light! We tried to twirl each other, but… ahem, I kind of kept messing it up. *facepalm* Thank you so much for being patient with me, dear Aria. ❤ I’m not USUALLY so hard to pose. XD

aria photo (6)

Ahh, the backlighting is just… INCREDIBLE. I took some more golden hour photos of this location last night that I can’t wait to show you guys! In another post. 🙂

aria photo (7)

Now the third location. Megan thought we looked like midgets here, and also Aria kind of fell backwards while sitting down, but it was worth it. XD I love this picture.

aria photo (9)

Oh yes, Aria wanted to do my hair AND my makeup for me, and she did them both beautifully! I never use full makeup and don’t normally style my hair much, so that felt different. I wouldn’t want to go to all the trouble and time normally, but it WAS fun to just be stereotypical teenage girls for a little while. 🙂

aria photo (10)

❤ ❤ ❤ (Also SEE. Now MY arm is tanner than hers. It’s probably still the lighting. *nods wisely*)

aria photo (11)

This pose, the outfits, the lighting, the location… they all went together PERFECTLY on this one!

aria photo (8)

Now we’re into the photos Aria took with her remote. This is by an old, rustic shed we have by our driveway. It’s a great backdrop! By this point my hair was getting kind of frizzy from the humidity, but Aria’s still looks gorgeous, don’t you agree? ❤

aria photo (12)

The whole time she was there we were both like, “I keep wanting to email you about this trip but then I realize I can just TELL you!” XD It was so strange because we do tell each other anything and everything by email usually.

aria photo (13)

AHHH I LOVE THIS. Aria said she wants to get a print of this one. ❤ I think Aria is possibly my long-lost sister? Or maybe a long-lost cousin. Whatever she is, I’m awfully glad she’s not lost anymore. ❤

aria photo (14)

THIS WAS SURPRISINGLY HARD. For one thing, my fingers are a lot longer than Aria’s, so at first the heart was lopsided. XD And apparently even though Aria was more flexible than I was for, say, the bending-backwards photos, her fingers were not as flexible as mine. BUT WE GOT IT. SORT OF.

aria photo (16)

Now both of our curls were kind of disintegrating at this point. BAD HUMIDITY.

aria photo (15)

Next we tried some photos in the corn but it didn’t really work out. The corn leaves intruded into our faces too much. XD But it worked quite well to be in front of the field!


Isn’t this one so cute?

aria photo (17)

Lastly, we took (or re-took) this picture the day before she left. I like to tease Aria that her eyes are blue because she says they’re green. What do you think? I think we’re both right and they’re mint or aqua… or just beautiful. 🙂

aria photo (1)

Since this is the kind of picture that I think looks good when you can tell it’s edited, I took the liberty of editing it. Tell me if you would rather not, Aria, and I’ll take it off. 😉 I don’t know why I love eyes so much, but I sure do. ❤ They’re just so gorgeous and unique!

aria photo edit



Lessons learned:

  • Some poses are not as easy as they look on Pinterest. Particularly if your height differs significantly with the other person in the photoshoot. Do the photoshoot anyway. It is WELL WORTH IT.
  • Having matching/similar outfits for this type of photoshoot is super fun!
  • Aria tried to carry me piggyback but it FAILED. Well it worked, but it looked extremely odd because my legs were so long. Then I tried with her, but it STILL looked weird because she was wearing a skirt. IT WAS HILARIOUS. So: make sure the taller person carries the shorter person, and preferably don’t wear skirts.
  • Note to self: Don’t keep talking while someone is trying to get pictures of you. It ruins pictures. (Heh heh, Aria was like, “WOW my expression in this one…” and I was like, “You think THAT’S bad? Look at mine!” I can say with assurance that Aria is DEFINITELY more photogenic than I am. XD XD)
  • If you ever have a chance to meet one of your close blogger friends, do yourself a favor and MEET THEM. PLEASE. It is an amazing experience, and you’ll make memories you will never forget. ❤

Thanks SO much to my sister Megan for helping us with the photoshoot. We couldn’t have done (at least part of it) without you! Also thank you, Aria, for too many things to count, but especially for listening to anything I tell you, for the looooong and honest emails and letters about everything from faith to health to politics, and for being my best friend forever. ❤ PLEASE COME BACK SOON.

I hope you enjoyed that post, guys! Be sure to check out Aria’s post to see a few different photos (and some photos of just me that I didn’t put on here), and follow her blog to see more posts about her visit in upcoming weeks. And tell me…

Isn’t Aria’s/Megan’s photography gorgeous? Have you ever had a friends photoshoot? Which pose or picture was your favorite? Have you ever met an internet friend?

Thank you so much for reading, dears, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Also, a big thank you to guys for participating in the first week of The Summer Bored Games! We LOVED hearing your feedback and seeing your photos from those challenges – I can’t wait to show you guys the pictures too. 🙂 Ready for some new boredom busters? Check out Megan’s post here!

Various and Sundry Sisters Photoshoots

Heyyy, guys!

Megan and I (and my little sister Carmen) have been doing quite a few photoshoots recently, so I thought I’d combine them all into one post for you today! I shall go in roughly chronological order because that’s how I uploaded the pictures. 😉 Also, Megan took all the pictures of me except the “selfie” ones, using my Nikon D3400. Alright, onwards and… upwards? XD

I did this photoshoot back in December when I went to the “island” (a patch of trees in a field) to collect greenery for wreaths. For some reason I decided to do a photoshoot of myself while I was there? I’m trying to get better at “selfies” because GOODNESS they are hard, especially without a tripod. Thus I only have two of those pictures to show you. XD

edit 1 (1280x853)

(This caption thingy is NOT cooperating so I guess I’ll have to use it instead of deleting it.) Thankfully these two pictures turned out alright at least!

edit 4 (1280x853)

Ooh, I love this next photoshoot! Megan and I went down to the pond at our new farm one day (see more in this post) and it was absolutely breathtaking! The snow on the trees, the crystal-clear reflections… ahh, isn’t it beautiful? The perfect backdrop. 🙂

DSC_1231 (853x1280)DSC_1235 (853x1280)DSC_1238 (1280x853)megan's dslr phots (45) (853x1280)photoshoot 1 (1280x853)

HEH HEH. And then we have this. XD Here’s an at using the self-timer, but it failed so hard it actually worked. XD I turned around just at the wrong time and IT CRACKS ME UP.


Here’s another little “selfie” photoshoot. When no one else is available to take pictures of, at least I have myself. 😛 It… still didn’t work out the best. It was really hard to stay in focus with self-timer, not to mention getting to the right place at the right time! Morale of the story: SELFIES ARE HARD. Find a sibling if possible. XD

Anyway. I was trying to go for one of those stock photo, Pinterest-y pictures but it turned out blurry. -_- Other than that I think it looks kinda neat, though. I do kind of blend in with the fence post… XD

fence 1 (1280x853)

AHA! An in-focus picture! Way to go, Allison. And I even jumped at the right time! Wow. *shakes head in wonder*

fence 3 (1280x853)

This doesn’t exactly fit since it’s just a hand (in case you thought it was a face…?), but oh well, it was in the same photoshoot. AND IT’S NOT BLURRY. SO. Plus you can see how crooked my fingers are. XD This perspective makes them look shorter than they are, though.

DSC_1405 (1280x853)

Ooh yes, this photoshoot was probably the most successful in terms of quantity. 🙂 We went for a walk at our new farm and found that the smaller pond was frozen enough to walk on! It was soooo fun, and I’ll have more pictures in a later post. This time Carmen obliged me and we did a little photoshoot. 😀 I love how you can see her reflection in the shallow puddles of water on the ice!

DSC_1818 (854x1280)

Once we start she always gets really into it and has all sorts of ideas about how she should pose and stuff. 😉

DSC_1841 (1280x854)
Look at this strange ring of bubbles!
DSC_1833 (854x1280)DSC_1821 (854x1280)
Okay, hold on here, guys – only one more photoshoot to go after this. I hope it isn’t getting too long. Anyway, Megan and I did this one when we were rebaling at the new farm. We had to stack I think over 300 40-pound bales in a semi trailer which was rather hard work… except when it wasn’t. Then we took pictures. 😉 I thought the walls of the trailer would make a neat background and I think it did! How about you?
DSC_2098 (1280x854)megan dslr photos (5) (1280x854)
HA HA. We sometimes wear masks if the hay is too dusty, and it was that day. It kind of looks like a party hat, eh? An awfully strange one, to be sure.
DSC_2088 (1280x854)
OKAY. LAST ONE. This is a related photoshoot because we did it that same day. I think. It was snowing
DSC_2044 (1280x854)
I love the contrast in these pictures!
DSC_2036 (1280x854)
Heh heh, I was trying to look at the snow on my hood which resulted in me crossing my eyes. XD
megan's dslr phots (57) (1280x854)
I had the idea of doing some of those rather cliché but pretty snow-blowing pictures. 😛
megan dslr photos (14) (1280x854)
BAHAHA THIS IS HILARIOUS. I look like I’m singing a very solemn song to the snow. XD
megan dslr photos (16) (1280x854)
YAY, YOU MADE IT THROUGH! What do you say – are you getting tired of sisters photoshoots yet? Do you like shooting and seeing portrait photography or other photography better? Also, what was your favorite of these photoshoots?
Have a beautiful day, beautiful person. 🙂 Thanks so much for reading!

Books, Blooms, and Bales {Portrait Photography}

Megan and I did a super fun photoshoot of each other yesterday and got tons of great pictures! We had way too much fun figuring out creative ways to pose for each other. I’ve tried (and mostly failed) to narrow them down for you guys. Whoops.

Photo credits to my sister Megan. (And assistance credits to me. Heh heh.)

Okay, buckle up, ’cause this is going to be a loooong post.

We started in the barn, since haybales make awfully good props.

portraits (26) (853x1280)
AHHH I love this picture! I think I might use it for my “About” page.

portraits (18) (1280x853)
XD I am pondering life’s mysteries…

portraits (22) (1280x853)
AHHH THIS IS SO CREEPY. It looks like someone else’s arm is poking out of the straw and grabbing on to me. O.o

portraits (19) (1280x853)
Awkwaaaard. (Don’t worry, it was on purpose.)

portraits (16) (1280x853)portraits (14) (853x1280)

portraits (11) (1280x853)
Heh heh.

portraits (9) (1280x853)
BWAHAHAHA. Megan wanted to take a picture of me with a piece of straw (or hay) in my mouth, so I obliged.

portraits (31) (1280x853)portraits (30) (853x1280)

portraits (27) (853x1280)
I love this one too! Do you think this one or the first one is better?

Next we went to the cotton seed barn… with a tiny spiderwebby window. O.o

portraits (36) (853x1280)
This looks like a writing prompt or something. XD


portraits (35) (853x1280)

portraits (93) (1280x853)
I ALSO like this one. XD

portraits (90) (1280x853)
Megan says my hands look old here. They kind of do, I guess. XD

portraits (84) (1280x853)

portraits (83) (1280x853)
This is one of my favorites because I love eyes. ♥ Also wow, I didn’t know I had so many freckles. XD But I don’t mind them.

portraits (82) (1280x853)
For some reason I look a lot younger here…

portraits (80) (853x1280)portraits (78) (1280x853)portraits (77) (1280x853)

portraits (75) (1280x853)

portraits (74) (1280x853)

portraits (73) (1280x853)
I love this one too! My mom says I look like Dad in this picture, and I can see what she means.

portraits (72) (1280x853)

portraits (70) (853x1280)
Heh heh, Megan’s aim was a bit off here, but we decided to keep it as a “behind the scenes” photo. Featuring Megan’s dusty feet and Washngton Nationals cap, and The Extraordinary Education of Nicholas Benedict.

portraits (68) (1280x853)portraits (64) (853x1280)portraits (63) (853x1280)portraits (61) (853x1280)portraits (60) (853x1280)portraits (59) (1280x853)portraits (58) (853x1280)

portraits (57) (853x1280)
Hee hee, I like this one.

portraits (56) (853x1280)portraits (55) (853x1280)

portraits (54) (1280x853)
I’m eating a marigold. O.o

portraits (53) (853x1280)


portraits (51) (853x1280)
Our neighbor’s kitten wandered up. Isn’t she adorable?

portraits (50) (853x1280)
I love this one!

portraits (49) (853x1280)

portraits (47) (1280x853)
Hello up there.

portraits (45) (1280x853)portraits (42) (1280x853)portraits (40) (1280x853)

portraits (38) (1280x853)
Zinnias are such pretty props.


portraits (46.1) (1280x853)
These pictures are kind of dark but CUTE because, hey, it’s a bunny! 😀

portraits (158) (1280x853)

portraits (157) (1280x853)
Basil is whispering comfortingly in my ear.

portraits (156) (1280x853)

portraits (133) (853x1280)
I REALLY like this picture. I’m trying to decide whether to use it for a profile picture or not.

portraits (127) (853x1280)
“Th-this barn is kinda creepy.”

portraits (126) (853x1280)
“What if there are bats… or spiders… or…”

portraits (125) (853x1280)

portraits (120) (1280x853)
I kind of like the lighting, kind of don’t.

portraits (105) (1280x853)

Ooh, I love these pictures! We had a lot of fun with hair flips. 😛

portraits (101) (1280x853)

portraits (100) (1280x853)
I look like I’m trying to be noble but then someone turned a fan on behind me.

portraits (97) (1280x853)

portraits (95) (1280x853)
One of my favorites! XD

Okay, if you actually looked at all those pictures… WOW. Congratulations, I give you the Most Patient Reader award.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Which pictures did you like best? Which one or two do you think I should use for my new profile picture?

Also, click here to see some of the pictures I took of Megan.

Thanks for reading!


Assateague Island {Photo Dump}

On Monday we left for a vacation at Assateague Island, and so far it’s been a ton of fun! If you know me, you’re probably guessing that I took, like, hundreds of pictures. And you’d be right. XD This is going to be one serious photo dump, guys.

I was trying to figure out how to organize the pictures, but I ended up pretty much just keeping them in the order they uploaded, and hoping that it’s not too jumbled. XD

I’ll start with some flowers. We’re staying in a cozy little Air B&B house with a moss lawn and gorgeous periwinkle hydrangeas in the front yard. I love how these photos turned out!

DSC_0720 (1280x853)DSC_0721 (1280x853)DSC_0723 (1280x853)

Some of our funniest adventures happened while driving. One time my littlest sister Carmen came up with… um, rather creative “Would You Rather” questions like, “Would you rather have all your hair pulled out or all your teeth?” and “Would you rather pour honey or glue over your head?” and lots more that were too gross to tell. We nearly died laughing but it was so GROSS. XD XD XD

DSC_0724 (1280x853)

I don’t pictures marshes as being exactly beautiful, but the marsh at the entrance to Assateague was really pretty.

DSC_0824 (1280x853)

If you’ve ever read Misty of Chincoteague, you probably already know that there are wild ponies roaming all over Assateague and Chincoteague Islands. It’s so funny because they walk right up to you and wander around the beaches and parking lots where people are, but they can still bite and kick like wild animals, so you’re not supposed to pet them.

DSC_0727 2 (1280x782)

I love this next picture! I spent a long time trying to get this to turn out. XD

DSC_0887 (1280x853)

When I was taking these footprint pictures I remembered a little poem/story thingy that I love. You can read it here.

DSC_0883 (853x1280)

My sister Megan took these pictures of me with my camera. The next one looks like my elbow is lighting up. XD

DSC_0920 2 (1280x853)

As you can see, the waves make me happy. 😛 🙂

DSC_0915 2 (1280x873)

Heh heh, I forgot to put sunscreen on my back that day and now it’s bright pink. YOUCH.

DSC_0910 (1280x853)

My parents taking a walk on the beach…

DSC_0907 (1280x853)

We barely found any shells the first day, but the second and third days we found a bunch!

DSC_0906 (1280x853)

I took sooooo many pictures of waves, but I just couldn’t help it – they’re so beautiful! We hardly ever take beach vacations so I have to take what I can get. XD

DSC_0902 (1280x853)DSC_0900 (1280x853)

DSC_0898 (1280x853)DSC_0897 (1280x853)

My brothers built a sandcastle every time we went to the beach, and the last one was QUITE impressive. But we’ll get to that in a moment… This is just the beginning of a moat or something.

DSC_0893 (1280x853)

Aww, isn’t that picture sweet? My little sister, Carmen, loved the waves too. 🙂

DSC_0880 2 (1280x888)

I don’t know what Megan is looking for… shells, maybe?

DSC_0877 (1280x853)DSC_0874 (1280x853)

I got some pretty funny pictures of my brothers’ expressions while they were jumping waves. XD

DSC_0870 2 (1280x883)

This is one of my favorite pictures out of all of the beach photos! Just look at their smiles! 😀 Logan is the one with the black shirt and Jeff has the white shirt.

DSC_0869 3 (1280x853).jpg

Hee hee, look at Megan’s hair!

DSC_0865 (853x1280)

I got some neat silhouette pictures of my parents on the beach.

DSC_0862 2 (1280x855)

I like the seagull silhouettes in this one.

DSC_0860 2 (1280x853)DSC_0857 (1280x853)

Isn’t this so CUTE?!

DSC_0856 3 (860x1280)


DSC_0854 (1280x853)

Hoof prints…

DSC_0846 (1280x853)

And footprints.

DSC_0844 (1280x853)

I got some really neat pictures of two wild ponies meandering over the beach.

DSC_0841 (1280x853)DSC_0840 (1280x853)DSC_0838 (1280x853)DSC_0835 (1280x853)DSC_0833 2 (1280x853)

Oh my goodness, isn’t this hilarious? The horses were investigating these peoples’ bags. XD

DSC_0832 (1280x853)DSC_0831 2 (1280x853)

Going down the boardwalk…

DSC_0827 (1280x853)

More flower pictures. ♥

DSC_0818 (1280x853)

Ahhh, I LOVE the next one!

DSC_0817 (1280x853)DSC_0816 (1280x853)

Here’s the first sandcastle my brothers made. Neat, but nothing compared to their later ones. 🙂

DSC_0812 (1280x853)DSC_0810 (1280x853)DSC_0808 (1280x853)

This is the second sandcastle. (I took this picture quick with Megan’s camera, so of course it won’t be as good of quality as my wonderful camera would be. Heh heh. 😛 )


And this is their last one! It looks pretty similar to the second one, but it’s more impressive in real life. (Megan took these pictures.)

Megan's photos (1)Megan's photos (2)

And back to the ocean… It looks like Carmen is Moana. XD

DSC_0802 (1280x853)DSC_0799 (1280x853)

More wave action pictures!

DSC_0793 (1280x853)DSC_0792 (1280x853)


DSC_0791 2 (1280x853)

His expression… XD XD XD

DSC_0788 2 (1280x853)DSC_0784 (1280x853)

I like this one because the wave looks huge! (Actually they were pretty big.)

DSC_0782 2 (1280x853)DSC_0780 2 (1280x853)DSC_0762 (1280x853)


DSC_0758 (1280x853)DSC_0757 (1280x853)DSC_0755 (1280x853)DSC_0754 2 (1280x853)

I got some more neat (but blurry) action photos of the wild ponies galloping.

DSC_0753 2 (1280x853)DSC_0750 2 (1280x853)DSC_0749 2 (1280x863)DSC_0747 (1280x853)

And lastly we shall end with a sunset. These are the last beach pictures I got before my camera stopped working. *Sniff* I’m not exactly sure what’s wrong with it. It might be that the battery isn’t good anymore, or maybe it’s something else. It still takes pictures but the screen doesn’t work. We might be able to fix it when we get home, but for now… 😦 Any advice?

DSC_0929 (1280x853)

DSC_0924 (1280x853)

PHEW! You made it through almost 100 pictures! I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did. 😀 Have you been to Assateague or Chincoteague? Do I even dare ask what your favorite picture was? Nah, there were too many. XD

Thank you so much for reading, my friends!


P. S. AHHH YAY! Hayley is doing another ATC trade! For all the details, check out her post here. You should totally go see – the past two ATC trades were SO much fun!

Sisters Photoshoot #2

A little while ago Megan and I decided to do another sister’s photoshoot! (See the first one here. Oh yeah, she’s gotten contacts since then!) I don’t take pictures of people very often, so I thought it would give me good practice, and not to mention Sisters Photoshoots are really fun. 😀 They are certainly not the best portraits ever, but I had fun experimenting and I thought I’d show you guys the results. 🙂

Megan wanted me to get some pictures of her in a tree with the golden sun shining through the leaves, so I did… but they didn’t turn out quite as golden as it seemed like it should. XD

3 (1280x853)4 (1280x853)5 (1280x853)6 (1280x853)

This is a random photo I took of Megan for a co-op thing. :

DSC_1616 (1280x853)

 I really like this picture! I took it when we were on a nature walk when I also got a lot more pictures, so I’ll hopefully post those soon. Dandelions are so fun!
DSC_1844 (1280x853)
Ha ha, I *think* I caught Megan when she wasn’t looking. 😉

7 (1280x853)

She was certainly looking here! No, I just scared her and she jumped. XD I love taking jumping pictures! Apparently Megan does too. XD

12 (1280x853)

After that, Megan took some pictures of me. I was inspired by Loren’s gorgeous post to make a crimson clover flower crown. 😀 Heh heh, it was a bit too sunny so I’m squinting a bit and my smile looks kind of pained, but otherwise I like these pictures. XD XD XD I’ll keep trying… 😛

9 (1280x853)

10 (842x1280)

8 (1280x853)

After that I took some pictures of myself with the timer on my camera, since I don’t have a remote. I kept running back and forth until I wore a path in the triticale field (and got my capris rather green). XD

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I did get one that I liked enough to be my profile picture, as you might have noticed.

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There we are! I hope you enjoyed these photos. 🙂 Do you like taking pictures of people?


P. S. Well, I am officially 17. I feel old. XD And I had a wonderful birthday, thanks so much for asking! 😀 Would you guys like to see a “haul” post? (Ugh, I really don’t like that name for some reason, so I shall change the title if I do it. 😛 ) This feels like an awkward ending now so… um, thanks for reading. XD

Generations {A Farm Girl Essay}

Hey, guys! I’m going to do something a little different today. I had to do an interview for school, so I interviewed my mom and my grandmother who were both farm girls growing up. I wanted to compare their growing up years to mine, and show the changes and similarities of their world versus ours.  And, as you have probably guessed, I decided to post my essay on here too – but in a much revised and shortened form (it was 7 pages long originally XD ).

Note: Italic notes in the answers were added for you guys – they weren’t originally in my essay. 😉

I hope you enjoy it!



  1. What did you do for fun?

Gram and her siblings loved playing in the creek, but unfortunately the “bloodsuckers” (leeches) loved it when they played there too. “After we played we’d check our toes, ‘cause usually between our toes there were leeches, so we’d pull them off and put them on the grass to die.” Gram said they didn’t think about it too much at the time, but looking back it seems pretty gross. Blech! It sure does! I haven’t encountered leeches very often, but the few times I have were not very pleasant. 😛

Isn’t this so cute? Poor little barn kittens. XD “We’d get our doll clothes out and find the bonnets and the dresses,” and then “[We’d] dress up our kittens and take them out in our little doll carriages and ride them around. Talk about a lot of fun!”

  1. What are a few of your school memories?

“We had to walk down the blacktop to the bus stop, and while we were waiting, we’d pick up beer cans. If you stomped on them, they’d stick on your shoes.” Back then, Gram says, the fad was for kids to put little gadgets called “heel taps” on the bottoms of their shoes which made clinking, tapping sounds when they walked. The popular kids and the rich kids had those heel taps, but Gram and her siblings didn’t. But that didn’t stop them – who needed heel taps when you could make your own from old beer cans?

  1. What was the technology like? What toys, clothes, etc. were popular?

Growing up, Gram’s family had just one phone, a rotary phone, and it was right beside their Dad’s chair. When they answered the phone, their Dad was sitting right there, and he could hear every word they said. So when Gram and her siblings got boyfriends and girlfriends, they finally convinced him to get a longer cord for the phone so they could step into the bedroom for a little privacy! Yikes! Isn’t that funny? XD

Their family didn’t have a TV. TVs had been invented, but they weren’t very common – mostly just rich people had them. They did have a big radio, though, and they listened to a few programs on it (the ones their Dad approved of).

Their stockings reached all the way up to their waists, like tights, and had suspenders to keep them up. They also wore girdles, which were like corsets, and made their waists slimmer. Ugh, that must have been so uncomfortable. One woman told Gram that she could always tell when someone wasn’t wearing her girdle! Dear, dear! XD I thought that was pretty funny. XD

Instead of getting spices at the grocery store, a McNess man named Mr. Rogers would come round to their door. “He was… this little old man. He always had his cap and he had a big ol’ hump on his back. He would open [his car] from the back and he had these boxes of spices and detergent and cleaners.” Mr. Rogers came around to their house about every month to see if they needed anything, and Gram’s mom was always ready with a list. I thought that part was really neat. It sounds like old times, doesn’t it?

  1. What were Sundays like?

They always went to church on both Sunday mornings and Sunday evenings, and in between they had to do the farm chores and milk the cows. But they still found time for occasional picnics in the pasture. “That was something that was really special,” Gram remembers. They’d plan the picnic before church, so that when they got home they could fill up their picnic basket with food and head right down the hill.

For non-picnic Sunday lunches they always had chicken with broth, crackers, milk, and pie for dessert. Gram’s mom made all kinds of delicious pies – apple, cherry, pumpkin, lemon, and Gram’s favorite: blueberry or peach pie. In the evening that had a light supper or snack of grape juice and popcorn because they had to eat early before they went out to milk the cows again.

  1. What chores did you do?

When Gram and her brother got up in the morning, they went out to the barn to clean out the manger and scrape out the manure. In the evenings they fed the calves and taught them to drink out of a bucket instead of a bottle. They had to milk the cows, too. They had a stanchion barn that could hold 40 milk cows lined up side by side – but sometimes they were packed so tightly that they squashed you between them when you were milking them.

On Saturdays they cleaned the house and baked. The girls made cookies or cakes, and Gram’s mom usually made the pies. But when it came time for Gram to learn the art of pie-making, somehow they just didn’t turn out quite the same. Her brother could always tell when Gram had made the pies.

“Well I know Mom didn’t make these pies,” he grumbled, “they must be yours!” Heh heh. That was one of my favorite parts of this interview. XD The way she said it was just so funny!

They helped in the garden, too – weeding, picking, and harvesting the vegetables. They canned peaches, applesauce, and grape juice, as well as all kinds of pickles: several varieties of cucumber pickles, and watermelon rind pickles and mixed pickles – a pickled mixture of all the leftover produce such as old corn or old beans. They really liked mixed pickles. I tasted mixed pickles once. They were okay, but I don’t know if I would say I like them or not… And you don’t hear of watermelon rind pickles every day, now do you?

“You didn’t buy that stuff at the grocery store,” Gram explains, “you either canned it or you didn’t have it.” Well that’s certainly changed.

  1. What do you miss about your childhood?

When Gram was little, she loved to work out in the fields with her dad and drive tractors for him. She said she could hardly remember learning how to drive a tractor – she just knew for a long time. But after she got married she didn’t drive them as much. “The tractors got complicated and so then I kinda quit driving tractors.” She says she misses the old, easy to drive tractors.

  1. What don’t you miss about your childhood?

Milking, cleaning the barn, and ironing. Ironing was quite a process: her mom would take a little pop bottle that had a cork with holes punched in it, and she’d lay the clothes out flat, and sprinkle them. Then she would roll them up and put them in a bag to soak. Gram said they would have to be careful not to leave the clothes soaking too long or they’d get moldy. Yikes! O.o

  1. What traditions did you have?

Every summer Gram’s family would get together with their friends and make a whole bunch of potato chips and doughnuts. Another fun tradition was an Easter one of dying eggs and hiding them. After they had found them all, they ate the eggs.

  1. What did you do for celebrations or for special?

Gram always looked forward to Fridays, because her Dad often gave them a little bit of money to buy a treat with. “He would be down at the milk house when we passed by on our way to the school bus, and he’d say, ‘Well do you need a dime today?’ And we’d always say, ‘Sure!’” For a nickel they could buy an Imp or a dreamiscle, and for a dime they could buy a drumstick or an ice cream bar. Usually Gram bought two different treats for a nickel each instead of spending her whole dime on one thing. Whoa, ice cream for a nickel?

  1. What are your favorite memories from childhood?

Gram loved the picnics in the pasture, and she loved playing in the creek, despite the bloodsuckers. And she always looked forward to making potato chips and doughnuts with her friends every summer.


  1. What did you do for fun?

“I mostly liked to play outside in the barn with kittens, or watch the cows,” Mom says. She loved the outdoors and she loved to run barefoot through the fields. She also loved to play in their creek – where fortunately there were no leeches!

  1. What are a few of your school memories?

Mom always packed the same lunch in her little tin Strawberry Shortcake lunchbox: a sandwich, chips, fruit, and cookies, with a Thermos of water. Always.

  1. What was the technology like? What clothes, toys, etc. were popular?

Their radio was “this big piece of furniture, a big wooden chest” she says, much larger than our modest radios today. “We would lay on the floor and listen to the radio since we didn’t have a TV,” she remembers.

Mom had a doll called a Real Baby that was supposed to be the same weight and height as a newborn. “I was so proud of that.”

“And did it look like a newborn?” I asked her.

“No, it didn’t look like a newborn at all!” Ha ha! XD

  1. What were Sundays like?

“We didn’t shop on Sundays, and we only did the necessary farm chores.” They always went to church every Sunday morning and usually every evening too. Sometimes they stayed at home for Sunday lunch (only they called it “dinner” instead of “lunch”), and sometimes they ate at a friend’s house.

Mom’s Sunday evening supper sounds remarkably like Gram’s: “sandwiches, popcorn, and a jar of home-canned grape juice.”

  1. What chores did you do?

Mom and her sisters had to feed the calves and of course clean the house on Saturdays. “Then when we got a little older – ‘bout twelve or thirteen – we had to milk the cows.” They also helped out in the garden.

  1. What do you miss about your childhood?

“I miss the small farm and the cows in the pasture. We would just sit and watch the cows and it was just so peaceful – more idyllic instead of commercialized like it is now.” Mom and her youngest sister would sit up on the haybale feeder and let the cows come up and eat around them. They got to know the cows’ personalities, and even named a few of them. I really liked Mom’s description of that.

  1. What don’t you miss?

“I don’t miss getting stickers in my feet from running barefoot through the fields. I’d do that a lot,” she says with a laugh. “I’d dig out splinters from my feet all summer.”

  1. What did you do for a celebration or for special?

“On Wednesday night Dad promised that if we were good at church we would go to High’s afterwards and get a hand dipped ice cream cone – and we could pick our flavor! That was fun.”

  1. What were some of your traditions?

The main tradition was each of the kids choosing their own birthday supper, but they had some smaller traditions too. A daily tradition was to sing a prayer or hymn before their meals instead of praying. It felt strange to say a prayer before a meal instead of singing it. We still usually sing a prayer or pretty hymn when we go to Grandma and Grandpa’s house for a meal.

  1. What are your favorite memories from childhood?

“Wading in the creek, finding kittens in the barn…” Sometimes, they would take a picnic back to the field and eat their lunch on a blanket. Other days, “Dad would say, ‘Let’s go to the lake today,’ so we would leave after breakfast and stay there until we had to be back for milking – about 3 or 4 o-clock.”

Snow days were sure to be fun as well: “If we stayed home from school on a snow day we would almost always make doughnuts.” Yummy! I’ve made doughnuts a few times, and it’s a lot of fun.


Wow, isn’t it amazing what has changed? You certainly can’t get an ice cream cone for a nickel anymore, and you certainly can buy pickles and such at the store – and pretty much anything else. Radios are much smaller, TVs are an electronic staple in most homes, and the fads have changed from heel taps to iPhones and coolest brands of clothing.

But then again, a lot of things will never change: the pleasure of summer picnics, the freedom of running barefoot over the grass, the cuteness of little kittens, and the fun of wading in a (hopefully leech-free) creek.

I hope you enjoyed that essay, even though it was still pretty long. What was your favorite part? Thanks for reading! ♥


Sister’s Q&A, Part 4

Sister's Q&A (800x800)

Wow, it has been quite a while since I posted an episode of the Sister’s Q&A! Remember that? It’s like a normal Q&A, but Megan and I have to answer you guys’ questions for each other instead of for ourselves. It’s a lot of fun to write, and I hope it’s fun to read too!


Christian Homeschooler:

What kind of pencils do you like to use best: regular number 2’s, or mechanical?

Guess: Well we don’t have many mechanical pencils, so number 2’s.

Answer: I would say regular pencils since that’s pretty much all I use, but mechanical pencils are okay too. Except I hate it when the pencil lead is too short and it disappears when you press down – argh! XD

Which do you like better: dogs or cats?

Guess: Cats.

Answer: Cats. I like dogs, but they’re not nearly as clean or cuddly as cats. 😉

When you want to look up a word’s definition, do you use a real dictionary, or do you look up the word on the computer?

Guess: Hmm… I don’t know what Allison would do. Maybe look it up on the computer. 😉

Answer: Hmm… I don’t know. I do both. It depends on where I am and what I have close by I guess. But maybe computer?

Do you use your WordPress Reader?

Guess: Yep!

Answer: Sure do! I try to read every post. (I only follow about 30 blogs, in case you were wondering. It would be really hard to read every post if I followed hundreds of blogs!)

Which would you prefer: swimming in a pool or playing in the snow?

Guess: Probably swimming.

Answer: Swimming! Snow is so much fun, but it’s also cold and kind of messy. Plus when it’s swimming time it’s also summer vacation!



What’s one thing you really want right now?

Guess: Hmm. I… don’t know! Maybe she’d like a lifetime supply of polymer clay?

Answer: I’m not sure… Um, more time so I can publish this post and play piano before I have to go to bed? XD

Least favorite meal?

Guess: Almost got it…. Some Mexican dish but I don’t remember what! Some sort of enchiladas?

Answer: Something with mushroom soup in it or most Mexican food (or any spicy food). XD Or maybe cabbage rolls with super spicy Spanish rice and grape soda. YUCK! No one would ever combine those things for a meal anyway, but oh well. Bleh. XD

What is a sport you’re really terrible at?

Guess:   I don’t know, she doesn’t play sports often. So I’ll just go with hockey even though she’s never played it. I really have no clue. XD

Answer: Heh heh, I’m not too great at any sport (except I’m okay at Ping Pong if that counts XD ), but then again I don’t know that I’m horrible at a certain one. I’m not very good at tennis or badminton or something like that? I have no idea. XD

What’s something funny that happened to you recently?

Guess: Too hard. I pass. I really have no clue though.

Answer: Hmm. Ahh, why is this so hard? Okay, for lack of a better answer, I’m going to go with the time my siblings and I were discussing Keeper of the Lost Cities together, and Megan and Logan and I were discussing whether the cliffhanger at the end of Lodestar was huge or not that big. But my brother Jeff, who hasn’t finished the series yet, HATES spoilers, (even though we giving anything away at all), so he kept yelling, “Argh! Stop! Guys, don’t tell me ANYTHING!” And stuff like that. XD He was very adamant. 😛

If someone gave you a baby tiger, would you want to keep it?

Guess: Hmm, probably not.

Answer: Maybe. I might want to keep it for a little while until it got big, and then maybe take it to a zoo or something. But even assuming I would want to, I’m sure I wouldn’t actually keep it. 😉



What’s it like being a blogger AND your sister being a blogger?

Guess: Annoying at times.

Answer: Mostly fun because we can talk about our blogger friends and the posts we read and stuff together, but also annoying because sometimes we both want to post the same thing at the same time. 😛



What is your favorite season?

Guess: I think Allison’s would be spring.

Answer: Spring! Although I looove fall too, and summer is nice. XD Winter is nice in some ways, but it’s my least favorite of the seasons.

What is your favorite Bible verse?

Guess: I don’t know. Maybe a verse in Psalms? 😛

Answer: One of my favorites is Zephaniah 3:17:

The Lord your God is in your midst,
    a mighty one who will save;
he will rejoice over you with gladness;
    he will quiet you by his love;
he will exult over you with loud singing.

I mostly like that one because there’s a really pretty song/hymn about it. It’s like this:

What are three things your sister almost always has with her?

Guess:   ??

Answer: My phone, my watch, and a bunch of ideas and plans running through my head. 😀



What is your dream career?

Guess: Running an Etsy shop, but she’d probably like to be a photographer too.

Answer: To have my own little craft shop where I can sell all the zillions of things my hands keep churning out from working on my zillions of hobbies. ♥ I also think it would be great to publish one of the games I made sometime.



Which one of you is older?

Guess: Allison

Answer: Ooh, that’s a hard one. XD Just kidding – I’m the oldest! I’m actually the oldest of the kids in our family.

Favorite food?

Guess: Most any fruit.

Answer: FRUIT! CHOCOLATE! CHEESE! And also pistachios and clam chowder and crab legs and spinach and bread and… I like most things, actually. (Besides mushrooms and Spanish rice and cabbage rolls and grape soda. XD )

Favorite pet?

Guess: I can’t decide between Willow and Casey. I’ll just go with Casey I guess.

Answer: I ♥ my fuzzy bunnies Willow and Lily so much, but honestly I play with the cats more, so I guess maybe Casey.

Name 3 things you don’t like that start with the letter E.

Guess: Oh. Umm… Eggs (gathering them), Elephants stomping on her (I’m guessing she wouldn’t like that at least), and early awakenings? 😛

Answer: Eggs (gathering them), electric shocks, and erasers that are old and leave smudges on your paper? Ha ha, those are basically all the things I could think of that started with “e” anyway. XD


And that’s it! So, drum roll please, who won? It was…. *tallies up the points*

MEEEE!!! I narrowly squeaked past: I got 11 right and Megan got 10 right. 🙂

If you want to see my guesses for Megan, click here! Thanks for reading, guys! I hope you enjoyed it. 🙂