Best Friends Q&A + Pictures

Hello, dears!

Did you have a good Thanksgiving? I did! So far we’ve had one out of four celebrations, and for the rest we’re going to our old farm for the weekend for fun times and delicious food with friends and family. 🙂

Anyway, back to the post. About a month ago I got the chance to visit my dear friend, Aria, and see her family’s lovely farm. We had a wonderful time together, and this time we made sure to take PLENTY of pictures. XD Aria suggested doing a BFF Q&A to go along with them, and I agreed it sounded fun. And here we are! Get ready for some pretty fall photography and answers to a selection of you guys’ questions. 😉 After you’re done here, make sure and hop over to Aria’s blog to check out fifteen more questions and answers!

Aria 1.jpg
I LOVED the mountains and fall foliage on the way to Aria’s house! It reminded me of where we used to live. ❤

1. Least favorite food?

Allison: Um… probably tripe. It’s pickled cow stomach, which is about as gross as it sounds. Tripe tastes remarkably similar to rubbery vinegar that has been soaking in the smell of a dairy for a couple of days. :[]

Aria 35
Ahh, it was SO exciting, driving up their lane for the first time! It wasn’t as sunny as this the first day, though. It was cloudy or rainy most of the time I was there :/

Aria: Probably some vegetable, like mushrooms or tomatoes.

Aria 26
We paid a visit to Aria’s aunt’s house, and one of her adorable cousins wanted me to take a picture of him. I said, “Smile real big!” And this is what he did. XD

2. What would you consider to be your dream job?

Allison: Selling stuff that I make. XD In more technical terms, having a successful Etsy shop. I’m enjoying running my art Etsy shop at the moment (by the way, check out the new products and holiday sales! 😉 ), but it’s also been fun to sell my poem book, so who knows… maybe more of both in the future?

Aria 27
“Take a picture of me too!” XD So cute.

Aria: Photography! And I’ve always thought about being a professional vocalist, preferably a jazz artist.

Aria 30
Their farm had such a pretty view!

3. What would you do with a million dollars?


  • Pay tithes and taxes. 😉
  • Give away maybe a little less than half to Christian charities.
  • Fix up the Cedar House so we can turn it into an Airbnb.
  • Put a couple thousand dollars into a business fund for advertising, adding more products, etc.
  • Probably give my parents, like, $100,000 to use for the farm.
  • Reserve a couple hundred dollars for buying fun stuff or clothing.
  • Save the rest.
Aria 17
Their hill is VERY steep and long, but a beautiful walk or drive (or run, like Aria’s brother is doing) with all the colors. ❤

Aria: Well, after tithing, I’d probably buy some adjoining land and build my dream house and get a camera upgrade. XD I’d put some money towards growing my business,definitely. AND I WOULD PROBABLY BUY BOOKS. But honestly – a million dollars really isn’t that much money, and although I’d really like a helicopter (so I could fly up to Allison’s whenever I wanted), I don’t know that I could afford it. Maybe I should get the helicopter first. XD

Aria 9
Fog + hills = ❤

4. What is your favorite thing to do other than photography or art? 

Allison: Exploring the farm, playing games, or watching a movie with my family; having company over or going to a friend’s house; reading a good book; or blogging. I realize that was a plural answer for a singular question, but… I TRY NOT TO PLAY FAVORITES, OKAY?

Aria 25
Hee hee, I’m glad I got a picture of Babybel with her tail like that. XD It’s so cute!

Aria: I really love singing (and performing), and just being creative, mostly!

Aria 24
I LOVE THIS PICTURE! Aria showed me a pretty little path through the woods near one of the pastures.

5. Chickens/eggs or cows/milk?

Allison: Hard decision, but probably cows. They’re a lot more to keep up with than poultry, but we go through SO much milk (and butter and cheese). Plus cows are prettier and nicer and more pet-like than chickens. 😉 We’re hoping to get both of the aforementioned eventually, just not 500 cows or 24,000 chickens like at our old farm. :[]

Aria 7
I got to see Aria milk Maribel, which was neat since I’m used to dairying on a much larger scale. She didn’t milk by hand the whole time, don’t worry. 😉

Aria: This is AWFULLY hard because they both have their perks! I’d say cows, though.They’re much more labor intensive and expensive, but it’s pretty hard to get the same quality milk that we have.

Aria 11
Pouring + filtering the milk from the “bulk tank” ( 😛 ) into half gallon jars…

6. Individual books or book series?

Allison: Book series! If a book is good, why wouldn’t you want more of it? If the rest of the series is bad, you can always read the first one like it’s an individual book and ignore the rest.

Aria 2
The second night, we dressed up to go to a gourmet restaurant – so much fun! The food was beautiful and delicious. 😀

Aria: OH NO, THIS IS HARD! I feel like if the book is MEANT to be a series, the all-around GOODNESS of a book is kind of spread out. Series books can get repetitive and predictable, as the Mandie series and the Nancy Drew series did.But then, some individual books leave you wanting more! I think I’d choose individual, with a sequel. (I have read some pretty amazing series, though!)

Aria 36
The last morning I was there, Aria and I did a little photoshoot of each other because hey, we love photography. 😉 I got a few good ones of her, and she got tons of me, being the professional photographer she is. 😉

7. If you were to color your hair, what color would you choose?

Allison: Well I’m not planning to color my hair, but if I had to, I’d choose a lighter version of my current hair color, I guess. Nothing crazy. 😉

Aria 29
If we ever get chickens, I want to get a pretty color like this, instead of the boring white broiler breeders we had at our poultry houses.

Aria: Well my hair isn’t actually blonde – it’s more of a darker light brown. Kind of close to Allison’s, without the slight reddish tint. So technically my hair is already colored, but I’ve always wanted natural coppery red hair.

Aria 18
You can imagine how beautiful view the view was from that porch!

8. Fight or flight response in scary situations?

Allison: Probably flight. :[] It depends on the situation, though. If it’s necessary for me to confront something, especially if I have someone else with me (and especially if I’m confronting it for them), I’ll “fight,” but usually I’d take the easiest or safest route. And that’s not always a good thing – it’s something I need to work on!

Aria 5
HA HA! Maribel the cow stared at me like this whenever I came near. IT WAS CREEPY. And hilarious.

Aria: I am thankful to say that I have never been in a scary situation! So I have no idea. It could be either, but more likely flight.

Aria 38
❤ ❤ ❤

9. What do you two have in common?

Allison: Oh many things! For instance, we’re both Reformed Christians, homeschoolers (well, when we were in school), farm girls, entrepreneurs, photographers, bloggers, readers, musicians (well, Aria more than me), and we’re close to the same age, among other things.

Aria 14
I love this picture! One morning we just played, sang, or listened to music for hours. It was great. 🙂

Aria: Wow, where do I start? Well, we are both farm girls, Reformed, conservative Christians, love photography, love reading (and share many of the same favorite books), were homeschooled, studied music, write now and then, have blogs, have two cats, enjoy creating art, love the Gray Havens, love Fixer Upper and share around the same decorating styles, have 12-year-old brothers…the list goes on!

Aria 19

10. What differences do you have?

Allison: We do have a few different beliefs, of course. Some of them are in regard to food/health-related topics, holidays, and, ahem, black and white movies. Okay so I don’t hate all black and white movies, but Mr. Smith Goes to Washington sure isn’t my top pick for entertainment. Nor is Jimmy Stewart my favorite actor… (I don’t have one, actually. XD)

Aria 32

Aria: We really don’t have that many differences! The personal differences we have aren’t super important; she doesn’t think eating organically is as important as I do, she’s not quite as much into hair/makeup/fashion as I am (although I’ve kind of backed off – I’m not nearly as crazy as I once was), she’s definitely not as much of a romantic as I am, she doesn’t like vintage music, and watching black/white movies isn’t her favorite pastime. Her family also celebrates Christmas, and we don’t. Besides that, I honestly can’t think of anything!

Aria 39

11. What is one thing you would change about the other?

Allison: Well, it’s a little embarrassing how I’m basically the theme of her room. *hides* I’m awfully glad she likes me, but I’m really not worth all those heaps of emails and gifts and kind words… and panicked messages when I haven’t replied for a couple of days. Aria, I THINK YOU SHOULD LIKE ME LESS. I’M OVERWHELMED. :’D

Aria 20
CABBAGE! Is pretty.

Aria: The one thing I wish is that Allison and her family would have the same convictions that we do about celebrating/not celebrating Christmas. It definitely hasn’t come between us, but it would be really nice to share that conviction, especially since I don’t know anyone else who does.

Aria 21

12. What is your favorite part about photography?

Allison: I love capturing beauty that others miss, either because they don’t notice it or they weren’t there when I was, where I was. God puts so many beautiful things and beautiful moments around me; I love photography because it allows me to share that blessing with others. 🙂

Aria 31

Aria: I like the creativity and the all-around process.

Aria 40

13. What is your favorite hymn?

Allison: AHHHH, I LOVE HYMNS! Both playing and singing them; they’re just beautiful. I have dozens of favorites, but one of my top picks is “It Is Well With My Soul.” I’m always refreshed and humbled by the message of hope and endurance through hardship because of God’s love for us.

Aria 33
ISN’T LUVEMS CUUUUUTE? He doesn’t look impressed, but STILL. XD

Aria: I really love O the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus. The minor key is so pretty, and the lyrics are so true and amazing and beautiful too. ❤ 

Aria 6
Babybel was adorable, oh my goodness! Her big eyes… ❤

14. Do you like it better in the spring/summer when the leaves are green or fall/winter when they’re all different colors?

Even though fall foliage is STUNNING, I prefer the delightful, fresh beauty of blossoms and new leaves. Besides, both blossoms and fall colors stay for only a short while, but after the blossoms come green leaves, and after the fall colors comes gray, bare trees. :/  (Look, that rhymed!)

Aria 23

Aria: Definitely spring/summer! I love the lush green leaves and the warmth. 🙂

Aria 22

15. [Last but not least, the most important question:] Elephants?

Allison: Ugh, the elephants got into the room AGAIN? Where? I don’t see them. *sigh* We really need a better lock for their cage.

Aria 13

Aria: For…what? Riding? Remembering things? Looking at? I prefer giraffes, actually…

Aria 8
Ahh, isn’t this pretty? I LOVE fall trees and fog!

And that, my friends, wraps up the Best Friends Q&A! I hope you enjoyed reading my answers and seeing the photos I took at Aria’s house, and make sure to read Aria’s and my answers to more fun questions here!

Which question/answer was the most relatable? Do you have a favorite photo? And… elephants?

Thanks for reading, and have a lovely day!



47 thoughts on “Best Friends Q&A + Pictures

  1. The photos were all excellent!
    I adore elephants, I’ve seen them many many times in real life cuz I live in Africa. We once were driving and a herd of maybe 50 peaceably surrounded our car on all sides as they walked across the road! They’re so majestic! 😀

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  2. Awwww this was so awesome! And how can I pick a favorite photo, they’re all good! Loved this!
    Also, *sighs* Elephants? I haven’t tried to scare them with mice since last week! 😛


  3. I loved this post! You are amazing at photography! Can you please do a photography tips and tricks post or a behind-the-scenes of working on this blog? I never knew you were a Reformed Christian… I am too! I never knew other bloggers with the same denomination as me.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m so glad you liked it! ❤ Aww, thank you! I'd love to do those posts sometime – thanks for the suggestions! 😀 Really? That's great! I'm glad to meet you, Carlye. 🙂


  4. Aww, this was so much fun to read! 😀 (I feel like this isn’t the first time I’ve started a comment that way. XD) All of the pictures were gorgeous, and it was so neat to learn more about you both! THAT COW IS ADORABLE, OH MY GOODNESS. (Our cow is arriving tomorrow!) I especially love the pictures with all the gorgeous fall colors and the black-and-white photo of Aria playing the guitar. 🙂 It’s so awesome that you guys got to see each other again so soon!

    -Clara ❤
    P.S: I was looking at Black Friday deals today and this made me think of you and Aria. 🙂


    1. Hee hee, well that’s not a bad way to usually start comments. 😉 I’m so glad you enjoyed the post, Clara! I KNOOOOW, ISN’T IT? EEEEP, how is he?? YES, thank you so much!
      P. S. Ha ha, that’s GREAT. XD Thanks for showing me! 😀

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    1. Also *sighs* wow my eyes look pretty puffy in those pictures of me you got on the last day. O.o Probably from staying up so late and crying at Mrs. Miniver. XD


  5. Love this, Allison! You two inspire me as best friends. ❤ It's funny to hear you have different views on Christmas! That's something which was swirling around in my family's circles for a while. I've had friends who don't celebrate it, and some who do. I've never really studied the issue in depth. I loved the photos as always!! The other funny thing is that not only do I share a lot of both of your interests—but my dad is also a reformed conservative pastor XD. I don't think I've come across many bloggers who are reformed. It's neat ❤ . *off to study the issue of Christmas 😆 *

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Aww, thanks so much, Emma!
      Really? That’s so interesting. Well, Aria and I would be happy to give you our different opinions if you want to learn more. 🙂 Thanks so much! Ha ha, really? That’s so funny! XD Thanks for the comment, dear!


  6. Hey, great blog and great post! You two are both so pretty 🙂 Also, it’s interesting that Aria’s family doesn’t celebrate Christmas, because mine doesn’t either! I pray your friendship flourishes and you both get closer to God by the day 🙂

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