Hidden Treasures & Airplane Skies {a Golden Hour Walk}

Hello, my friends!

I have more golden hour pictures for you! While on a walk the other evening, I got in that photographing mood where I try and make pretty pictures out of the most random or unphotogenic things. It was great. 😀 So today I present you with a selection of dramatic thorns, color treasure hunts, airplane clouds, and candles in windows.

Want to go on a walk with me? Well yay! Let’s go.

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Cultivating a Photographer’s Eye

Hello, dears!

I often have people ask me how they can improve they’re photography or if I have any tips for them. So today I thought I’d make a post on one very important tip that often gets overlooked.

It goes along with two other big photography tips:

  • Invest in good equipment.
  • Learn how to use it well.
  • Cultivate a photographer’s eye.

There are plenty of blog posts and articles about the first two, but I haven’t seen many or perhaps any about the third, so I thought I’d address that point today. 🙂

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