A Winter Walk (Without Snow)

Yep, we went on a walk around our farm the other day with our friends, and sadly enough, there was no snow. 😦 The last couple of years we’ve had really early snow (at least for us), like in October and November, but this winter there has been nothing but a puny little flurry. 😦 Anyway, I still got some pretty pictures, whether there was snow or not, so here goes!


Some of the trees on our farm have huge bracket fungi on them.

004 (1280x960)

These are dried Jimson-weed pods. They have quite the thorny complexion, don’t they? In summer, Jimson-weed has a sort of morning glory like flower. A note here: Jimson weed is actually poisonous, so don’t go around stuffing it into your mouths – not that anyone would want to. XD

A simple twig looks pretty up close.

012 (1280x960)

This is a very tiny, shriveled persimmon. We have a little persimmon tree on our farm that annually gives about four dried up fruits which are almost always to high to reach. Once we actually got to taste one, and it must not have been ripe because, boy was that bitter! It made your mouth dry up like a cotton ball. Blech! But then for Christmas Eve supper we found two “real” persimmons at the grocery store, and those were actually pretty good! They tasted kind of like a mild, sweet melon or something. Plus they were about ten times bigger and plumper than any of our persimmons. XD Have you ever had a persimmon?

015 (1280x960)

One of our friends. 🙂

017 (1280x960)

Group picture!

020 (1280x960)

I took a picture of Maggie running and it turned out really funny!

019 (1280x960)

We walked up a wet gravel road, and Maggie left cute pawprints behind her. I edited this picture on my camera so you can see them better.


We went into a woods, and Maggie must have sniffed out some creature or other, because she started furiously digging under a rotting stump. She dug a hole so big that her whole head went practically underground! It was really funny, and we stayed there watching her for a long time. But she never caught anything. XP

033 (1280x960)

And last but not least, we took this walk when my sister Megan (center)first got her new camera, and my little sister (left) and my friend (right)were watching her work it. I edited this picture (as you can see!) on my camera with the “Painting” setting. Doesn’t it look neat?

032 (1280x960)

I hope you enjoyed my ramblings and picture from a winter walk! Which picture was your favorite?


P. S. Don’t worry, I will do more Photos from of Old posts, but I’m saving them for a little later because the next ones are from springtime.

P. P. S. Wow! I seem to be doing a lot of P. S.’s on my posts lately, don’t I? 😀


Orange Buddies

These little guys are carved from oranges.  The only thing besides oranges that I used was a lentil for the smiling guy’s eye.  I got the idea from a neat book called Food Play that has lots of pictures of food carving.

-Allison(helium, crochet less. 1) 017

Which orange is your favorite?


Clementine Butterflies

-Allison(doodles) 018

If you need to bring a little bit of spring into these cold winter days, these little cuties should help you do it.  All you need to make them are clementines and celery sticks.

Sorry, I don’t have any pictures on how to make them :(, I’ll just have to try and tell you.


1.  Peel a clementine and pry it apart into two halves.

2.  Take two clementine sections from one of the halves, and partially pull them open starting from the side that faces towards the middle of the clementine.  This is very important, if open the sections the wrong way it won’t look like a butterfly.  Make sure not to pull the sections apart all the way.

3.  Cut up a celery stick into smaller pieces and put one piece each in the middle of the partially opened sections for the butterfly’s body.

5.  Repeat to make as many butterflies as you want.

4.  Serve on a pretty platter.  You could have them hovering around fruit cut to look like flowers, do what I did and perch a few on orange slices, or think up your own arrangement.  Have fun making it pretty!

5.  Enjoy!



I hope you have fun making and eating these delicious butterflies!