A Visit to the County Fair

Hello friends!

I finally got to take Sully to the county fair I enjoyed every summer a kid. So many good memories… We drove there last Saturday along with my cousins and most of my siblings. It was a super fun afternoon filled with cute animals, free chickens, funnel cakes, scary drop towers, and more.

Come along on a summer adventure with me!

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Goats, Rabbits, Dogs, Etc. {Adventures in Housesitting}

Hello, dears!

I recently had the opportunity to housesit for some friends. I’d never done that before, so I was excited to “play house” and live by myself for a few days. It was fun! And strangely quiet, after living with six other people. 😛 It was nice to come home and be with my family again, though, where there’s always something going on. 🙂

Most of my responsibilities concerned feeding the animals, so of course I had to get a bunch of photos of them while I was at it. If you like cats, dogs, goats, chickens, rabbits, or all of the above, you might enjoy this post!

Let’s go find some cuteness.

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