A Visit to the County Fair

Hello friends!

I finally got to take Sully to the county fair I enjoyed every summer a kid. So many good memories… We drove there last Saturday along with my cousins and most of my siblings. It was a super fun afternoon filled with cute animals, free chickens, funnel cakes, scary drop towers, and more.

Come along on a summer adventure with me!

featured image 267

When you see the flag on a crane, you know the fair is underway. Look how beautiful the sky was that day!


We took my cousin Annaliese with us, and I had to ask Megan to take a picture of her and Carmen and I because we all accidentally matched with purple shirts, jeans, and white watches. 🙂


The first place we came to was the dairy barn. Sully grew up on a dairy farm and loves cows, so this was one of his favorite parts of the fair. Look at these adorable fuzzy ones!

collage 4

The end of that barn led out into a show ring where apparently a sheep show was going on. Look at the little puffs of fleece around their legs! We never raised sheep so I don’t know much about them, clearly. XD

collage 3

We went to the petting zoo and saw a tired pig and other animals, then stopped in the produce/agricultural exhibition building. Lots of people had entered scarecrows this year. Although there were some creepily realistic ones that looked more like mannequins, these classic guys were the winners.


We also went to the poultry and rabbit barn for lots of adorable bunnies, fluffy chickens, curious ducks and geese (who honked loudly at Jeff), and some beautiful exotic-looking pheasants and birds.

collage 1collage 2

These tiny doves were hard to photograph through their cage, but look how sweet!


Sully, Leisha, and others from our group decided to spin a wheel of free-ness at a little tent and see what promotional gifts they could win.


It wasn’t very exciting (mostly card holders and coasters and such), but Leisha found free stress-ball-chickens in a nearby tent! They became our companions for the remainder of the trip.


We all felt in need of a snack after another exhibit hall, so we stopped at a couple of stands and got something to eat. Sully had never eaten a funnel cake (*gasp* such a sad life!), so he and I shared one. He approved.


After filling up on fried things, we decided to check out the rides. Except… we couldn’t find tickets anywhere. I did get a nice Ferris Wheel picture while we looked.


Eventually we asked someone in line where to get tickets, and they explained that armbands and credits were the new tickets, to be obtained at a stand a ways back. So off we went to find the stand.


Unfortunately they were all rather expensive and the rides weren’t *that* exciting, so not all of us purchased credits. But my siblings and Annaliese walked past this drop tower and wanted to try it out.


Leisha, Jianna, Sully, and I decided to watch (with our free chickens) instead of ride. We found a convenient spot on the grass from which to survey the excitement.


It was HILARIOUS to watch. My siblings haven’t been on any real rollercoasters before, so they were quite thrilled with the ride. As you can tell from Carmen’s face. :’D


The audience was much amused. 😀


After that, Leisha joined them for a flying/gliding ride. I think they had fun. 😀


I love this picture! It seems very festive and summery and fair-y. Hehe.


The last ride they all did together was the classic carousel, just for fun. Although this one had seen better days, I still found the detailed decorations beautiful.


A thrilling ride indeed. 😛


While we waited for others to finish going on rides, a few of us (including Sully and I) went back to the cow barns. IT’S A HUGE BULL, OH MY. What a massive beast.


We waited for everyone else at the show ring barn again, where we got to meet some goats and sheep.


Some of the sheep had little cooling jackets on as it was quite hot and stuffy in there.


We finally met up with everyone and left to go see Annaliese’s families adorable goldendoodle puppies. But that’s a post for another week… I’ll leave you with a goat giving Sully a farewell lick.


That’s it for today! If you like cute pets, be sure not to miss next week’s post. 😉 Until then, let’s chat in the comments!

Do you have a county fair nearby? What part of this fair would you be most interested in?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!


P. S. Before you go, I have an exciting announcement! Sully started a blog about music and faith! Check it out at Sully’s Music Journal if you’re interested in reading some of his writing. 🙂


20 thoughts on “A Visit to the County Fair

    1. Well I loved them growing up going to the fair, but I suppose they’re really not that common otherwise. Sadly… because they’re delicious! You make them by drizzling slightly-sweet batter through a funnel into hot oil, and then sprinkling the deep fried dough with powdered sugar. It tastes kind of like a doughnut, but with a chewier texture. Yum!


  1. I have never been to fair before but if I did I would definitely go straight for the animals! Those calf’s were way too cute!!!
    I’ve never had a funnel cake before but it looks really good!!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I go to the Erie County Fair (in Hamburg, NY) almost every year. It’s one of the largest county fairs in America. I’ve been to some of the other county fairs in Western NY. It runs for over two weeks in August. It’s GIANT.


      1. Well, I always like the animals, especially the horses. But I also love the arts & crafts building. They just put it in a much larger building. It was in an old wooden building for over 50 years. I also love walking the midway & all the food aisles. Food from all around the world.


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