Juicy Fruit + Golden Mornings

Hello, my friends!

This is almost a mini “Etcetera” post because of the amount of photos and topics in here! These lush, glowy photos just make me happy, so I hope you guys enjoy them too. 🙂 If you haven’t already done so, check out my last post to see some cute pet photoshoots, also from housesitting. Otherwise, onward to tasty pictures!

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Best. Thanksgiving. Ever. :)

Hello, dears! Ahh, I finally get tell you guys about one of the highlights of my entire year: my best friend, Aria, got ENGAGED! And I got to be there! 😀 This was my first (and possibly last time) photographing a proposal, and OH MY, it was epic! Today I’m going to dump tons of photos of my beautiful friends while telling you guys the story from my point of view. 🙂 Make sure to check out Aria’s lifestyle blog and photo blog to see her posts first if you haven’t! AHHH YAYY. Every time I think of this, I smile, so I think my face is going to hurt by the end of this post. XD Anyway, are you ready for a long, excitement-filled post? Let’s do this! Continue reading

Morning Light Photography

Hello, dears!

Today I have some more lovely light photography for you! Instead of a photoshoot at golden hour, I took these in the morning. Sometimes I go outside to feed the rabbits or something and find too much beauty to leave unphotographed, which naturally means I postpone my other plans and take some pictures before the light changes. 🙂

This time, instead of editing my photos as usual, I decided just to let the pictures shine as they are – terrible pun intended. I did edit a few very minimally, but for the most part these are straight out of the camera!

Enjoy the results of me wandering around the yard with a camera in dreamy lighting. 🙂

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