Carmen & Nellie {a Photoshoot}

Hello friends!

Are you ready for some cuteness today? My youngest sister Carmen asked I could take pictures of her and her goat Nellie. I was happy to do so since goodness, it’s been so long since their last photoshoot! This whole photo session was completed in about 20 minutes, between some friends leaving after a visit and the sun going down. My camera battery died after only a few shots, but we decided to keep going with my phone as the backup camera.

Despite the chaos of all that plus Nellie wanting to run away and eat grass the whole time, we got some lovely photos that I can’t wait to share with you! Enjoy. 🙂

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Chicks, Goats, and More Cuteness

Hello, my friends!

Here’s your daily dose of cuteness if you’re in need of a smile. 🙂 I recently housesat for some friends who had a bunch of cute animals to take care of – goats, chicks, chickens, and a dog and cat. (Well, and fish. But no pictures of the fish or the cat for some reason.) I hope you guys enjoy scrolling through these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them for you!

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A Girl and a Goat {Extreme Cuteness Photoshoot}

Hello, dears!

EEEP, if you need some cheering up today, I got a smile for you! Or maybe a couple dozen. I am seriously SO excited for this post – this may be my favorite photoshoot yet. I love everything about it.

The other evening I took some golden-hour pictures of my youngest sister with her beloved, adorable dwarf goat and… *flails* I love these photos so so much, and I hope they’ll make you guys grin as much as they did for me! (Warning: this may make you want a dwarf goat and/or a little sister. 😛 )

Okay. Here we go. Get ready for some cuteness.

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