Fairly Fun! {{Fair Entries 2016}}

For those of you (like Christian Homeschooler*wink*) who¬†wanted to know how our county fair turned out and if we won any ribbons, behold, a fair post. ūüėÄ

First of all, these are the things I entered in the fair:

fair stuff 1.jpg

  1. Cross stitch cousins (from this post)
  2. Blue jay painting
  3. Clay dragon (see the Etsy listing here)
  4. Miniature clay doughnuts (from this post)
  5. Dorothy the doll (from this post)
  6. Clay fawn (I made this for my sister’s birthday a couple of years ago.)
  7. Clay rose earrings
  8. Clay rose necklace
  9. Painted rocks (from our room makeover)
  10. Quillow (Megan, my cousins, and I all took a sewing class for this!)
  11. Casey drawing

Sorry some of the things are kind of hard to see. :/

And of course I entered all the photos from this post. (Good gracious I use a lot of links in my posts.)


Here’s another picture of the quillow. Have you ever heard of a quillow? It’s basically a 2-in-1 blanket and quilt. You can unfold it to make a blanket, stuff the quilt into the pillowcase to make a pillow, or display it like this. It’s super neat! Thanks so much, Gram, for bringing us to the classes and helping me fix my quilt. ‚ô•‚ô•‚ô•


This¬†year was really fun and successful for me!¬†I always love entering things in the fair, even though I don’t win ribbons for all¬†my entries. It’s so exciting to search for your entries and look at other kids’ (and adults’) creations in the Exhibit Hall!

So, now for the ribbons I did win:

Sheesh, Allison, what a mess. XD

I won a ribbon (1st, 2nd, or 3rd) for every entry except for my drawings and the baseball photo! Woohoo! I also won a sweepstakes ribbon for the clay category (mostly since I entered so many things and sometimes they were the only entries in their category XD ). That was really fun.

All together I won:

12 first place ribbons, 3 second place ribbons, 6 third place ribbons, 1 sweepstake ribbon, aaaannd a total of $72.00! That’s one¬†great thing¬†about our fair – they don’t just give you ribbons, they pay you too! What could be better than that? XD

What is your fair like (if you have one)? Did you enter anything this year? (I’d love to see a picture, if you did!) Did you win any prizes?




PicMonkey Mosaics Tutorial

I have been having a LOT of fun recently making “quilts” on PicMonkey. Of course, you can’t really make quilts on a photo editing program – they are really more like photo mosaics.

I started with a few simple photos of colored corrugated cardboard, like this:

-Allison(gnome photostory) 007.JPG


and combined and multiplied and rotated and collaged¬†them a bunch of times in a bunch of ways, to make mosaics! Here is one of the “quilts” I made¬†just using¬†PicMonkey and four different pictures of corrugated cardboard:

picmonkey finished quilt (3) (1280x1280)

Isn’t it so neat? I don’t really like the colors, but I like the design. Since they are so fun to make, I decided to share the fun with you too! Here is a sort-of-kind-of tutorial¬†on how to make photo mosaics.


You can take your own pictures, or use any of these “quilt patches”¬†below that I already made. (But please don’t use any¬†of my other¬†pictures without my permission. ūüôā ) Just right click the pictures you want, and save them to your computer.

picmonkey quilt square - blue (1) (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt square - yellow (1) (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt square - brown (2) (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt 1 (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt patch 2.1 (1280x1280)

picmonkey quilt patch 1.2 (1280x1280)

picmonkey quilt patch 1 (1280x1280)

picmonkey quilt patch 2 (1280x1280)




























picmonkey finished quilt (2) (1280x1280)picmonkey finished quilt (1) (1280x1280)








Go to¬†PicMonkey, hover over the ‘Collage’ button at the top of the page, choose ‘Computer’ and open the photos you want to use for your “quilt.” Click the ‘Layouts’ symbol on the left sidebar, click ‘Square Deal,’ and choose one of the last two options. The more squares the layout has, the more complicated and interesting the quilt can be!picmonkey tutorial 1

Click and drag the “quilt patches” to the squares, and rotate them to make all sorts of interesting patterns! (See¬†this¬†mirroring tutorial on the PicMonkey blog for more details on how to rotate images.) You can use ‘Auto Fill’ (at the top bar) to make interesting patterns without much work. (You have to click ‘Auto Fill’ a couple of times until the quilt is filled up with squares.)

picmonkey tutorial 3

And ta-daa! This is a quilt I made by auto-filling like in the picture above.

picmonkey finished quilt (11).jpg

Here are some more “quilts” I made.

picmonkey finished quilt (4) (1280x1280)picmonkey finished quilt (9) (1280x1280)mosiac fish (600x330)

picmonkey finished quilt (6) (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt square - brown (1) (1280x1280)picmonkey finished quilt (10) (1280x1280)picmonkey quilt orange 3 (2) (1280x1280)

I really wish I took pictures of prettier-colored cardboard, because the colors don’t really go together in the quilts, but it’s really fun anyway.

I hope you enjoyed this random post, and tell me if you make any “quilts!”


Room Switcheroo

My sister Megan and I switched room’s with my younger sister Carmen.¬† We got a bigger room and… we got to decorate it!¬† We might paint the room later, but for now we have flowered wallpaper.

This is my little corner:

-Allison(rooms) 007

Megan and I both made stars to hang near our beds.

-Allison(rooms) 001

I also made this little circle-doodley thing, because I love to doodle.¬† I think I’ve seen something like it on Pinterest, but I didn’t pin it.

-Allison(rooms) 008

I hung my arm-knit scarves on my bed post.¬† They are color coordinated, of course, because I just LOVE it when everything is color coordinated. ‚ėļ And I did pin this to my Pinterest board here.¬† You should seriously make one of these.

-Allison(rooms) 003

A buttoned initial. (I ‚ô• buttons!)

-Allison(rooms) 004

My dad hung a quilt I made a few years ago over our dresser, and it doubles as a decoration and a bulletin board.

-Allison(rooms) 005

Can you tell what my favorite color is from these pictures?

So, yeah, I’m really enjoying¬†my new room.