Room Switcheroo

My sister Megan and I switched room’s with my younger sister Carmen.  We got a bigger room and… we got to decorate it!  We might paint the room later, but for now we have flowered wallpaper.

This is my little corner:

-Allison(rooms) 007

Megan and I both made stars to hang near our beds.

-Allison(rooms) 001

I also made this little circle-doodley thing, because I love to doodle.  I think I’ve seen something like it on Pinterest, but I didn’t pin it.

-Allison(rooms) 008

I hung my arm-knit scarves on my bed post.  They are color coordinated, of course, because I just LOVE it when everything is color coordinated. ☺ And I did pin this to my Pinterest board here.  You should seriously make one of these.

-Allison(rooms) 003

A buttoned initial. (I ♥ buttons!)

-Allison(rooms) 004

My dad hung a quilt I made a few years ago over our dresser, and it doubles as a decoration and a bulletin board.

-Allison(rooms) 005

Can you tell what my favorite color is from these pictures?

So, yeah, I’m really enjoying my new room.



10 thoughts on “Room Switcheroo

    1. I am currently using the “Button” theme. You can tell what theme a blog has by scrolling to the bottom, and it usually says there. 😉 😀 I really like “Button” so far!


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