♥Happy Valentine’s Day!♥ {Rose Photoshoot}

Happy Valentine’s Day, lovely readers! For your Valentine’s Day present, here is this photoshoot I took a few days ago  of some gorgeous roses that were my mom’s Valentine’s Day present from my dad. (Sorry about the pink words, you pink-haters, but hey! Valentine’s Day only comes once a year… XD )

I had entirely too much fun with this photoshoot, as you can see by the gazillions of pictures. XD But they were to beautiful to resist, especially when I misted them. Two notes before you dive in: #1. Hover over the pictures with your mouse to see any captions. #2. Click on a picture to enlarge it. If you click on one, it will let you scroll throughthe rest of them in that collage, enlarged. Okay, let’s do this!

Whew! That was nearly thirty photos! XD I hope you don’t see roses swimming before your eyes all day now… 

Thanks for reading! (And looking.)


P. S. This is a funny tweaked Valentine’s poem my dad told us a while ago. (I’m not sure if he made it up or not.)

“Roses are red,

Violets are purple,

Sugar is sweet,

And so is maple surple.” XD XD

P. P. S. Yesterday we had walnuts on our cereal and it was actually really good! Okay, that was random. XD




-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 023

My dad got my mom this bouquet of tulips for Valentine’s day, and the tulips are gorgeous!  Especially in February.  Hopefully these pictures will bring some spring into your day!

#2.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 032


#3.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 024


#4.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 022


#5.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 017



-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 018


#7.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 028


#8.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 029




#10.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 037


Here are some of these pictures after I edited them on my camera:

#11.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 031


#12.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 025


#13.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 033

Which picture did you like best?

Won’t it be nice when spring comes and there are warm days where you can go outside without a coat on?!  Our thermometer says 8 degrees (Fahrenheit) right now!!!!!  It’s definitely still winter here!