-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 023

My dad got my mom this bouquet of tulips for Valentine’s day, and the tulips are gorgeous!  Especially in February.  Hopefully these pictures will bring some spring into your day!

#2.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 032


#3.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 024


#4.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 022


#5.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 017



-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 018


#7.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 028


#8.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 029




#10.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 037


Here are some of these pictures after I edited them on my camera:

#11.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 031


#12.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 025


#13.-Allison (headscarves, tulips) 033

Which picture did you like best?

Won’t it be nice when spring comes and there are warm days where you can go outside without a coat on?!  Our thermometer says 8 degrees (Fahrenheit) right now!!!!!  It’s definitely still winter here!



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