An Assortment of Recent Art

Hello friends!

I haven’t posted my art on here in a while, huh? I’ve mainly been making art for work these past few months, but I’ve created a few pieces I’m really proud of as well as a few drawings I’ve made just for fun that I want to share with you today.

Enjoy this collection of artistic inspiration!

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Sketchbook Tour February 2020

Hello, dears!

Hurrah, I’ve finished a sketchbook! This one took me about five months to complete, so yeah… it’s been a while since my last sketchbook tour. 😉 I practiced a lot of portraits and watercolor painting in here and made some pieces I’m really proud of as well as some pages I’m not so pleased with. XD And you guys get to see it all!

So. *rubs hands* Are you ready for some art inspiration?

Today I’ll be showing you a few of my favorite pages from this sketchbook, plus a flip-through video and some of my recent art products. 🙂 Ready? Set, go!

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