An Assortment of Recent Art

Hello friends!

I haven’t posted my art on here in a while, huh? I’ve mainly been making art for work these past few months, but I’ve created a few pieces I’m really proud of as well as a few drawings I’ve made just for fun that I want to share with you today.

Enjoy this collection of artistic inspiration!

featured image 269

We’ll start with a cute Totoro card I made for Sully’s birthday. We both love Ghibli movies so he was thrilled with this piece of art. πŸ™‚


A couple recent random pieces in my kraft paper sketchbook. I had paint leftover from making signs for Chessie and Logan’s wedding (coming up tomorrow, the 10th!), so I turned it into doodles on the left. On the right, I played with a white gel pen and some watercolor crayons I hadn’t used in years.


Hehe, one evening Sully decided to pull out a box of Legos and build a “forest castle,” so I decided to paint one at the same time. We both worked on our creations and then showed them to each other after we finished. It was fun. πŸ™‚ I made this with pen, Posca pens, and gouache.


Now for my main sketchbook. I LOVE this spread. It’s so simple but so beautifully color-coordinated and happy! I want to eventually sell cards of at least the first page if not the second.


I found a pretty picture on Instagram and decided to paint it. I love the tones in this image.


Ah yes, a special project: a small album our church’s worship team made recently, mostly just for fun but also as a fundraiser. I got to sing on it and paint the album art! You can listen to the music here.


I painted this cute watercolor girl for a set of custom cards. 


And this girl for an alternative version. (I Photoshopped the dollhouse in later.)


One of my friends asked me to create florals for her wedding invitations! So special. And the bottom page is a piece I’m going to teach at an upcoming women’s retreat for our church. πŸ™‚


Moving onto a sketchbook I use for the art lessons I teach. This lesson was on perspective. I had fun making this bedroom wildly colorful.


A watercolor-and-pencil portrait.


More watercolor lessons – a foggy scene and a cute little hummingbird.


Ooh I love how this turned out (minus the smudge at the bottom)!


I painted the light and shadow piece from a reference photo on Pinterest. The right page is a collage version of these tiny paintings available on my Etsy shop.


Yet another sketchbook, haha. This is my art journal, actually, but I couldn’t resist sharing one of the drawings inside; I’ll save other pages for another post. I drew this colored pencil portrait of Sully from a photo before we got married and was very proud of the outcome.


Three handpainted bookmarks for sale on my Etsy shop. Bookmarks are a blast to paint.


Moving on to some art I created for my Etsy shop. These tiny paintings are mostly gone now, but you can find the remaining piece here.


These are the four-seasons tiny paintings I also painted in my sketchbook earlier. Find them here.


Oh yeah, this was a big project. 150 custom tiny paintings for a wedding favor order! I did 50 each of these three designs. You can see all of them together in a reel on my Instagram page @thecolorboxstudio.

Tiffany 4

I also did another wedding favor order with 65 tiny paintings of all one design. I painted about 1,000 tiny windows. O.o Phew!

Lauren 2

This was another super special wedding-related order. Two photos turned into two 4X4″ paintings. Aren’t they cute?


Another custom tiny-paintings-from-photos order I made last year.


Look at this cute custom tiny pet portrait! Only 2X2″.

Pet Portrait for Russell

Another custom pet portrait, this one a bit bigger at 3X3″. So fuzzy.


I love how bright and vibrant the colors are on this custom tiny painting!


This was probably the most unique and challenging custom painting I’ve done. I had to take several objects out of the picture because the photograph I painted from was so detailed.


Last, a collage of these neat “chalkboard” pieces I made for Jill Winger. I started with a graphite sketch and turned them into this in Photoshop. I’m designing her homestead planner again this year, but I’ll wait to show you the gorgeous cover and sketches until it’s done here soon.

art collage 1

That’s all I have for you today! I hope you enjoyed that random assortment of artwork. If you want to see or purchase more of my creations, follow me @thecolorboxstudio or check out my Etsy shop with the button below.

Which piece of art was your favorite? What is your favorite art medium to use?

Thanks so much for reading, my friends, and have a lovely day!



27 thoughts on “An Assortment of Recent Art

  1. I love your artwork and I love that you have different styles of art. Thanks for sharing. I think my favorite was the landscape and tress you said you did from a picture you found on Instagram, but I also love the little girl ones with the doll house. πŸ˜‰

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Oooh, yay! I loved this post, seeing your art is so fun! Wow, those tiny paintings are really immpressive; I think I might’ve gone berserk if I had to paint alllll of those tiny little pictures! Also, I love the portrait of Sully!! You’re such a talented artist!


  3. You’re a very talented artist with the ability to create such a variety of things! Love the landscape of outdoors, the little girl (who reminds me of Holly Hobby) and many other pictures too πŸ’–


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